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20 April 2011


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diane stanley

I just love all your fun paper piecing ideas


WooHoo -- It's JENNY who I met last week LOL. Congratulations Jenny! And to you Penny, it looks like you've got most major kitchen appliances covered -- they're so darn cute!!!


Congrats to Jenny! I LOVE YOUR BLENDER - oh my - great pincushions too!


You crack me up! Lovely work, seriously. But the smiles and giggles you bring are priceless.


PENNNNNNNY! Thank you so much!
ditto to anna's comment...can't wait to see the results of all your great appliance blocks!!

Lois Grebowski

Ok, had to de-lurk and click trhough from my reader. The blender block made me do it. Penny, that is so darn cute! Love it!!!!!


Lately every time I come to your blog, I gasp. That blender. I can't wait, wait, wait to see all the kitchen blocks together. In addition, the pincushion was a great entry point for pp letters. I must try that. The curves in an S are a little intimidating to me, though. Maybe rectangles and tiny triangles are the ticket?


just love that blender! are you going to be sharing all these cute paper piecing projects you've been creating? I sure hope so!

Jody Blue

They are so cute. Your blender and frig would make the cutest pot holders.


Love the blender block!

Glynis Cozza

The defininition of your name really ought to be weaver of FUN! You make us all laugh! Thank you for your humor, and for weaving it into the expression of your talent!

krista - Poppyprint

Killer blender and the pinnies are so cute - I think Tara's fancy pants "T" is awesome!


Love the blender.
And you made me a pincushion? You shoudnt have. tara

wishes, true and kind

Really cute and fun projects!

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