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06 September 2011


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Thanks, Penny, for the tutorial. I love how in quilting, the construction is often a surprise. I hadn't expected the triangles to be pieces on the diagonal but knowing that, this is not an intimidating quilt at all. Bias and triangles often intimidate me. :-)


I'm always amazed at how, what looks like something hard, isn't at all. Thanks for the tutorial Penny! Love the colors in this quilt. I've been thinking of getting a Go! Baby for a while now and I may just have to do it for this quilt!


Thanks for the great tutorial - I'd love to make one but think I might wait to see if i can get my hands on a go baby before i try it!! Unless I have a really boring day and the thought of cutting all those triangles has an odd appeal ;)
I love that quilt - I once lived in Colorado and I'm not sure why but it reminds me of being in the mountains - the border is lovely and goes so well :) Could you tell me what fabric the border is please?


That's exactly what my husband said, that it reminds him of the mountains in Colorado. :)
The border fabric is DS Quilts from the picnic and fairgrounds line which was/is available at Joanns. I've not seen it at my Joann's for a month or so though!


very pretty penny! i love the color graduation!

i have a go cutter too that i am playing with. so far i have only cut out pieces. i hope to lay it all out today to see if i like the design. sewing time coming soon......:)


What a great quilt!!! Very pretty!


I like all the white in this quilt! Makes it so bright! I'm not a fan of all the cutting either. That's probably why I haven't actually made that many quilts! I try to strip piece when ever I can.

Glad you had a fun weekend with family! Been thinking about you!


Lovely - I love your color progression and it did take me a while to realize these were "just" HST on point - cool!


Love this...


That's an ADORABLE quilt Penny!!!

krista - Poppyprint

As always, a totally sweet quilt, Penny. You have such a way with prints and colour. Love your style!!!


Penny, your tutorial is awesome! Quilt looks complicated, but piecing with stripes makes piecing faster that it could be expected judging by finished top.


What a cute quilt top! I like how it's sort of arranged by color. :)


I love this quilt. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!!! Hugs Ariane


you did such a beautiful job on this.

Glynis Cozza

This is one of my all time favs!! I think it should be called sunshine on the rockies in memory of the gorgeous summer we have enjoyed! LOVE how you employed that DS Quilt fabrics! It's absolutely delightful. And I had to laugh, in a pained way, at the "... or take tons more time with a rotary cutter." Let's see, are those Go Baby things on Joanns? Absolutely one of your most excellent works of art and love!

Glynis Cozza

And just so you know, I seriously debated about singing that song on your voicemail, but I gotta look up the lyrics so I'm not goin la-la-la through the words I cant recall. See what your were spared?


That is a DARLING quilt, Penny,


Such a great quilt - love the color progression. Thanks for the tutorial.


your quilt is so beautiful! I love your aesthetic, Penny!


It looks like such a bright and happy quilt! Also thanks for showing the slight discrepancy. Honestly when I cut fabric by hand I feel like my pieces have that much variation, or worse. I thought the Accuquilt would help churn out perfectly-matched pieces. I still think it will help, since in the end you still have a very even looking quilt!


Everything you make I love so much.


This is fabulous! I can't wait to try it! So clever.

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