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13 December 2011


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Congrats Susan! I didn't see the last post in time, but I think you're use of the shelf is stupendous. It so fits perfectly together. Great job, Penny!


Hi Penny,

Thinking of you today!

Big hug to you....

Jamie Lee

That's a good one for sure! I remember my dad saying that before kids a trip to 7-11 cost $.59 for a cup of coffee, but after having my sister and me, it cost $5 since each of us would get a Slim Jim & Slurpee!


Congratulations Susan.


Congrats to Susan! My dad died when I was 17, I can still hardly remember him without tearing up. What a good man he was!




What a wonderful giveaway, Penny! I've had such a busy week, so I didn't see it before now. I love the winner's memory of her dad. My favorite memories with my dad are similar, as I used to love riding with him to the lumber yard or hardware store. One year, for Father's Day, I spent the day pounding nails with him as he built a deck on the house. I was 14. My more recent favorite memories include baking & cooking with him on holidays. He's the BEST in the kitchen!

Have fun in your new sewing room, and out-smarting Fozzy! :-)

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