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16 December 2011


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Archie the wonder dog

Love the quilt and I'm very impressed with your ceramic painting, the bowl is wonderful!


oh I love the quilt AND your bowl - that bowl would look great on MY dining table!! ;-)


What a fabulous bowl..love it. Does she have an online tutorial for the quilt as you go technique?...I've not found a method I like as yet.


oooh I love love love your squeezy quilt


And you do it again - the quilt is beautiful.


The quilt is just beautiful!!! Love the fabrics. And that bowl is stunning - great job and what a fun party!


Penny! I am IN LOVE with your quilt! (you know, it's not nice to make a better quilt than me and totally blow me out of the water!) ;) it's simply lovely, Penny!


Like everyone else, I love the quilt, it's so you! The bowl is outstanding! Sigh.....I miss you!


i LOVE your bowl Penny!!

Must make POTTERY!!! hahahaha...

Merry Christmas my friend!!
x, H


What great bosses you have! What a fun thing to do. Merry Christmas Penny from Maine!


What's not to love about this post! The bowl, the quilt, the mention of AJ! So much to look and admire.


Love the quilt, but I didn't know what QAYG meant (had to go to Google to find out) and I really like the idea. Seems it would make things a whole lot easier.
And love the bowl ~ looks like coffee beans!


your squeeze quilt is fantastic! i'm so curious to see what quilting techniques you tried in the workshop. any chance of some close up shots? :)

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