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24 February 2012


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I love your green cabinets! They really make the room happy.


I like the cabinets too. Unfortunately we don't have an IKEA nearby so I don't get to go there often. Now that we have our new house I really need to.

Congrats on the picnic quilt honors.


Ikea Ikea how wonderful is Ikea! Love love the look... :)


I love the flying quilt picture!


LOVE them! I could furnish my whole house in Ikea furniture, I love it so much. We have one close by and I don't get there often enough! Those cabinets really pop, your room looks like a magazine picture!!! Gorgeous!


Love/hate/love with furniture. LOL. Oh yes, almost every piece we buy :-) OK, it isn't that bad, but I do get that feeling on a regular basis. The man planned a trip to IKEA? Yeah, SUPER keeper...LOL

Judith Dahmen

You know what I find so funny is that a visit to Ikea in Europe is almost always not something anybody looks forward to. In fact these visits, whilst necessary, need to be planned carefully so that they don't end in the biggest family row. There are plenty of relationships that have found their sticky end there.


Ummmm, all the freaking TIME!!! We have an IKEA here in Cincinnati and it is so my happy place. :)

PS- I love the cabinets; I'm glad you kept them!

Archie the wonder dog

Love the green cabinets!


The cabinets look fabulous. Glad you kept them. I have still not been to an IKEA.


I love the pop of color the green cabinets provide. It must make you feel great to look at all you best loved things in them. I fall in love with furniture in stores and catalogs but I get so nervous about committing that I never bring anything home! Well, that's not true. I'm okay with wooden furniture but I get so nervous about upholstery pieces. Deciding on color and print that is pretty much a permanent choice you'll have to work around for a long time is so hard!


i think they look great! they add a perfect, happy color to the room!


LoVe the green. My Ikea is 4 hours away. Sigh


penny, you're killing me!!!!! i'm dying for those green cabinets, I want some so bad! I'm glad you like them now that you gave 'em a little chance. :) and the quilt, yum, i will, mark my words, be making that as soon as it's out. LOVE!


Oh my gosh I saw those green cabinets at Ikea last time I was there (at the Cincinnati store) and I about fell over! LOVE Them! And it was just after I finished sanding/painting a second-hand hutch for my sewing room... I think I would have preferred the *new* green cabinets that you got... but oh well... that seems to be how my life goes.

Your room looks amazing - glad they grew on you :-)


They're beautiful Penny! Isn't IKEA fun? I so wish we had one near us. I have that experience all the time -- I'm sitting on a purchase that I still question LOL.


The shelves look fab! Really! And I'm excited about your quilt being on MBS! Still a little sad about not getting to come to the workshop tho.


You're lucky... I have to drag my other half to Ikea kicking and screaming..and it's only 40 minutes away...


I love the Green cabinets along with that red gingham rug! Did you get that at IKEA also??


I grew up with IKEA nearby and now the closest is three hours away. It's always such fun to go but my kids don't understand it's supposed to be a holy experience. Now that I can't really browse leisurely, I feel even more pressure to buy. Someday I'm going to leave everyone home and just go all day all by myself!


I do it ALL the time! But thankfully I come back around, otherwise the hubs wouldn't be happy!!!


The Ikea cabinets look great in your kitchen Penny! Love the photo of your hubby throwing out the quilt. I am sure many husbands can relate to that feeling ;)


Happens a lot, love the green though- couldn't be a better colour!

Teresa Felgueiras

Great cabinets. Your kitchen looks like it came out of a decor magazine.
I'm an IKEA fan.

kristine hanson

agreed, the cabinets look great....how fun for you to fill up your new home :)


My love - hate = love story involves buying a roll of new vinyl flooring to install ourselves in the dining room. Helpful guy delivered it for free because we were close, to the front porch while we were at work. Great? You might think so, but we couldn't get it turned 90 degrees and in thru the front door - just too long! Thought we'd have to sell it off the porch when we had an idea. Took it back outside, got out the stepladder and screwdriver and removed approx 20 screws and the aluminium storm window then slid it up the ladder, thru the living room window across the living room, over the antique buffet and into the dining room! Then all we had to do was install it :)


Congrats on the MBS project! Oh and yes, I have a cabinet sitting in my bedroom I had to have only to find it doesn't fit right in the space...too cute to get rid of, so I have yet to find a new spot :(


Love the cabinets. The BF came down last weekend and I took him to IKEA. He was NOT impressed. Don't know about keeping him! LOL

Sew Create It - Jane

I think they look fab! Yea the colour is a bit different...but it's fresh :-)


lovely green color...the rug is pretty too!!

Jamie lee

Wow they look so great and springy. I have only been to Ikea once. I like their furniture but the store was overwhelming and I felt trapped. Just online shopping for me. Congrats on the MBS quilt!


Oh, I love your green cabinets. I wish there was an IKEA near me, so I could get some for my sewing room.

I purchased a customed upholstered sofa and was so disappointed when it was delivered. However, since it was custom, it could not be returned. I do love that it's very comfy, but the chenille fabric is too dark and snags so easily.

furniture shipping

So glad you were able to experience IKEA! I feel like it is such an experience going there, and it is more than just going furniture shopping. I sometimes just go there with friends to get ideas for future room designs. My entire kitchen is IKEA and I wouldn't have it any other way. Did you know the ones in Sweden actually let you spend the night if you want too!?!? I thought that was crazy when I first heard that.

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