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27 February 2012


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Laura Jane

Love the quilting on this P! And bear paw for Brr is so perfect! An inspired choice!

I finished up some bee block and a top for a new baby quilt. A busy weekend sewing!


The star is awesome!!! And the bears are so cute!

I finished the backing for a quilt and packed it all up to go out and be quilted. And I started planning/cutting an I-Spy quilt

Jamie Lee

I saw your star quilt this weekend and thought it was so strange as I am making something similiar from a pattern I bought on Etsy:
It has a couple of patchwork stars and I am making this for an online Scrap Attack challenge. I hope it turns out pretty, but I have a hard time picking fabrics that didn't come together in the same fabric line and since this is made all from scraps, I'm not sure about it yet and have been hemming and hawing about what background fabric to choose.

I love those Christmas fabrics! When I first saw them online, I went straight to looking for them on Etsy, only then did I realize they are not out yet.

Archie the wonder dog

Love the quilting on your cheery cherry star! The bear paw blocks are lovely!


The bear paw is too cute! I love your Superstar, too.


The colors for your bear claw are great! Love the star too! Not much sewing this weekend for me although I started the quilting on one quilt. I did finished filing taxes for my daughters. Yay! All done with that task until next year!


You are a quilting superstar! I noticed the fancy lines on the blue right away but it wasn't until the second shot that I saw the beautiful curves on the squares.

I finished the third cowl I am knitting in a five cowl series. It was a long, long infinity cowl (368 stitches per round) in fingering weight. I used every single inch of the 420 yards and grabbed another yard or two of a second colorway. A big sigh of relief. Now I just have to wait until Wednesday for the next pattern. Yay!

charlotte @ twelfthzodiac

I smirked at you using 'bear paw' for your Brrr fabric...that's awesome!
I finished up some Stitched in Color curves class projects this weekend. And made binding for the 3 quilts I have *almost* ready to be quilted...some finishes on the horizon for me - yay!
Also, I just loaded & started the dishwasher, so I'm doing alright on that stuff too ;)


Woohoo me too! I finished a table runner ;)

When you sew hst(as in the bear's paw)do you cut and sew triangles or use thangles?Just curious? I've improved my sewing of triangles from my earlier days use to be so wonky and streched out. Then I found thangles and that helped me get better results, in the early years. Now I'm so much more careful with bias edges and a more seasoned quilter. Like wine I too have improved with age!!


Super cute projects Penny -- I LOVE that big star! How will you use it -- are you going to hang it?


this is lovely, penny! i love the colors you picked for this. the blue really sets everything off perfectly!

ps--now i have molly shannon on the brain. superstar! :)


You quilted this quilt beautifully Penny! I am loving all this bright blue you are using, such a happy colour!


Love that cherry star, the straight lines on the blue look like more start creeping in! Gorgeous baby gift!


Beautiful star!! The quilting looks fantastic! Did you draw the lines on first? I would love to try to do the wavy lines pattern. The bear paw is fantastic and that fabric is adorable!!


Love the quilting on your superstar! I finished a quilt top, basted it, and hopefully will be able to do some quilting today. Also, I unloaded the dishwasher. :)


I bought a really pretty cupboard a few weeks (okay a month) ago and finally got fabric in it and, sort of organized my sewing area. It's really small and needed some straightening out.
Love this star quilt ~ it's so pretty.


I think your quilt sucks...Haha just kidding,just wanted you to read my comment! Love it and all the bits of fabric wonderful-ness in that quilt...lucky baby. I did Ft.CMQG bee block and add a border challenge last weekend. Hopefully next weekend I can sew just for me.


The line Quiltng is fantastic! My LQS isnt getting Brrr! In so I will definently try for the giveaway


I have been loving seeing these cherry quilts popping up! Yours looks amazing. Interesting about pressing seams to the side on rows, but then open when joining rows. Might need to try that!


Your quilt is beautiful!
Can't wait for the fabric giveaway!
Brr! It's cute!


That came out wonderful! I know I have said this before (ok...probably a lot), but you are always an inspiration! I just love your color work!

diane stanley

I love the way you quilted this. Looks great

Nicole @ Patchwork Duck Designs

The bear paws are great! Tempted to make a quilt out of this pattern...


Lovely quilt! Also love the brrrr blocks, I can't wait to get my hands on some of that fabric :)


I love your star quilt and the quilting you did on it. How big is the finished quilt? The Brr blocks are so bright and cheery.


This is beautiful!!! I love the bright vibrant colors!!!

Heidi Staples

LOVE your star quilt. Just gorgeous!! I finished a mini on Friday. You can see it here http://fabricmutt.blogspot.com/2012/02/scrap-happy.html .

Teresa Felgueiras

LOVE IT!!! The quilt is wonderful and the quilting is awesome.


Your bear paws are so cute! :-)



Great colors, textue and just plane fun. Love it!
I finished a sock monkey hat (knitted) and did most of a second for grandkids. Will send a pic when done.

Mama Urchin

Oooh, I love that bear paw.


Your version of Made in Cherry looks gorgeous, Penny. What a beautiful baby quilt!


I've only regretted the furniture I didn't buy. I think about it for years sometimes. That Laurie Wisbrun fabric is wonderful.


Very, very nice. And thanks for the tips.


Oh my goodness that is beautiful - and I love your tips, I'll have to try those myself, I'm terrible at matching seams! Your bear paw is AMAZING too!!!


This past weekend I finished preparing the instructions for a quilting class that I will be teaching next Saturday. Also, I hit the sale at Hancock's to purchase sewing machine needles and machine quilting cotton threads at 50% off. So, I feel that my weekend was as productive as yours.


very cute! I, too was a very busy gal!!!


LOVE that quilt, Penny! it's so so wonderful!


Superstar is awesome! I pinned it. Really.
On the weekend even tho' it's old news...I made cookies, meatloaf dinner and breakfast casserole, THEN sewed!


Love this quilt, Penny! The quilting looks so good and I am so jealous of your super quilting skills and the way you combine lovely fabrics. Basically a big fan of everything you do here ;)


SuperStar is cool. Love the quilting. The bear paws are cute. I want to make something with bear paw block soon.

I finished the tubes for the poles to used at the quilt show this weekend and I finished 90% of my baby quilt. I need to add borders and you know what's next. ;o)

Sew Create It - Jane

It's fab! Well done :-)


Your quilting looks like rays of light from the star. Very nice.


Hey lady! LOVE this quilt, you did such a beautiful job, they are going to love it! And if they don't I'LL TAKE IT!! lol! I just listened to you on the Seamed up Podcast - Yeah! I love how popular you are in this community, way to go!


What a wonderful baby quilt- your fabric choices are fab- and your quilting is too!

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