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14 April 2012


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That is a great block, and those pins are nice and sharp too! You know you will knock them out at Quiltcon too!


You're the bestest, K!


Oh my Goodness! I love it. The delicacy of the pins with the delightful pinheads...


thank you Carly!!


It's absolutely wonderful Penny! I love it! Thank you so much ;) and you are amazing so I'm not surprised at all that they asked you to teach! How exciting!


I'm giddy that you like your block, Amber! And thank you for your encouragement about QuiltCon, I need it!


congrats Penny!!! That's awesome news! I hope to be there, so we can finally meet in person! lol


Thanks Ang, that would be awesome to finally meet you face to face!!

diane stanley

As always, this is a beautifully executed block and take on the subject.
I'm going to QuiltCon, so I hope we can meet and I can take one of your classes.


Cute cute cute!!!


it would be awesome to meet you, Diane!


thank you, Allie!


Congratulations on the teaching gig! I did notice that you had some mighty fine company!


That is so exciting!! If I go I am totally taking your class. :)


thank you, Amy!


oh that would be so awesome to meet you, Faith!!


This is such an awesome block!! Love ho point the needles are!! You are quite the talent!! I would love one framed in my craft room!! ;) xo Heather


I am tentatively scheduled to come!!!! We really will meet!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!


your excitement is making me smile this morning, Heather!


Seriously? After three years of phone calls, packages and emails, we might get to meet?? I'm so excited, Amy!!!


i love this block - i love the whole ringo pie group! you ladies are so inspirational! and i'm super excited for your paper piecing class at quiltcon. i'll be there!


I'll see you there then!

Aunt Spicy

seriously? you are like the most creative person ever! EVER! Those are fab pins!


thank you so much!


Like the pins! Cute. I'm going to quilt con. Already booked my room. Can't wait


love the block of course! and yay for quilt con!!! you'll be amazing!


VERY cute block Penny! And Congratulations on your teaching at QuiltCon!


Congratulations Penelope! You have so much to celebrate! Sewichigo is up and running, you're talent continues to expand as you've created another darling Penny-esque pieced block; God is just blessing you over and over, and now Quilt Con! You have truly found your niche - your hopes, dreams, persistence, and skills are coming to fruition in an arena where they can really blossom and sparkle. Excited that so many will get to meet you and enjoy your beautiful smile and essence in person! Relax, enjoy, float in the peace, and I know it's gonna be amazing! So happy for y'all!!




thanks Anna, you're the best!


thank you, Anna!


I feel blessed indeed and I love sharing that blessing with others so I'm super excited!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

See you there, Penny!


sounds great, Rachel!

Mastro Shinn

My daughter wants me to make a block for her in their school project. I don't have any idea how to make that one until I saw your design here. It's beautiful, Penny. Can I copy the design? My little girl will be happy if she will see that block. Good luck on your teaching, Penny.

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