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10 April 2012


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Hi Penny! It looks like you had a really fun weekend! Snow isn't everything I guess! :) The yurk was interesting. I've seen them on TV before. Gald you got to enjoy one! :) ♥♥♥


The weather has been so wacky here that snow at Easter sounds unbelievable. I'm glad you were able to have so much fun despite the lack of snow.

Jennie T.

We love yurts, but we go to beachy ones. This one looks like fun, with or without the snow.


Looks so beautiful and peaceful there!! xo Heather


How fun! I've always wanted to stay in a yurt!


That's a good group of friends who can ultimately go with the flow and just have fun together whatever the situation. I have some if those that can make an ER visit seem like the highlight of your social calendar! Keepers!

We just recently found out what Yurts are and they look interesting. A bit more spacious than a pop up! Was it warm?


What a unique way to spend Easter !
Last fall we stayed in yurts for the first time when we visited the Oregon Coast. Wow! To say they were much better than a tent is a major understatement. We're going back again this fall to enjoy the coast and the warm, snug yurts again.


Looks like you had great fun. I was lucky enough to stay in a yurt in Mongolia! Luckily, they burnt wood in our wood burner rather than the traditional yak dung!


It was a total blast, Cathy!


oooh, a beachy yurt sounds like heaven!!


it really was. It was actually kind of nice not having to deal with the snow everywhere :)


I agree! It was pretty comical, 10 of us with all our ski equipment and nowhere to ski! We had fun lounging and eating instead!


a yurt on the coast would be so fun! And I agree, a huge step up from a tent!

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