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08 June 2012


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Amanda Rose

I love that the fabric really pops.

Amanda Rose


The polka dots are a fun fabric accent. I love the way it pulled the other fabrics together.

Jo @ a life in lists

What about that non slip paint stuff that you can apply to the bottom of handmade socks and slippers? I can't for the life of me remember what it's called, but it's a bit like puffy paint, and nice and grippy.

Lauren aka Giddy99

Lovely! I wonder why that "grip-tight" fabric is so hard to find?!? I've looked and looked... strange.

Katy (LethargicLass)

I also suggest going with the puff paint, or even hot glue spots


Love the dots and the idea of making it a little rug! I haven't had much luck with the non-slip stuff. I just leave them unslippy and let the kitties have their fun with them.


I have had good luck backing little rugs with a terry bathmat. I have also had good luck making non-slip socks by just adding puffy paint to the bottoms, so that might be an easy options. I'm sure a few dots or squiggles would to the trick!


I does look great as a floor mat! I've been thinking of something similar for my kitchen, the mat I've had in front of the sink since we got married 13yrs ago has seen better days!!


On rag rugs I have used copydex in squiggly lines. i bought some special purpose designed stuff to use for socks to make them non slip, European and came in colours, does the job


Wow - that's gorgeous! I don't know what to back it with, so I will stay tuned to find out!


I saw a product...I think at Michael's...that was specifically for painting on the bottom of a rug to make it non-slip. I'm sorry I don't know the name of it! Check in the aisle where they sell all the different adhesives. Maybe Lowes or Home depot has it also.


I'd hate to walk on it, but it's yours not mine. Buy some of the fabric to put on the soles of slippers. It's grippy enough to work. Nancy's Nothions has White slipper gripper fabric for $4.99/yd.



Love them with the polka dots! Awesome!


they make a dotted grippy fabric for the feet of little kids footed pjs. I would ask at the Jo's store.


You ladies be praying for Penny, her husband and home. They have been evacuated and in the line of the 20,000 acre fire!


Sorry, I'm no help on the non-slip, but I sure do love those fabrics together!

sewa mobil jakarta

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


I say keep going. Why stop? It is lovely.

Pam Sizemore

Very pretty rug. the non slip pads for area rugs are similar to the shelf liner, but work 100% better. I'm not sure how it would work on your rug, but it works great on my area rugs, they don't budge. you may be able to but it at Joann or Hancock fabrics by the yard, but I have found them at Ross, Marshall or TJMaxx at discount prices. Target and Walmart carry them too.

Em Douglas

I am never disappointed when I visit you r avenue in Blogland. Beautiful piece!

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