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28 December 2012


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Wow! This is brilliant. My mind quickly traveled from your cute quilt labels to making personalized labels with name and phone number for my kids' clothing items. Hmmm.... Or specialty labels for people who I repeatedly craft for...Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to see how yours turn out.


Very clever! I hope you share them in use too!

diane stanley

love them. I am always happy with Spoonflower labels.


Cute! I love them.

Michele C

For years I've imagined creating a design with my logo on it for lining bags and other items. One day ... Hope yours works out just perfect; looks like it will.


This may be a really stupid question but I'm asking anyways! When you are designing the actual label how do you know the size it's going to be? I've attempted to design my own label in the past and it ended up WWWWAAAAYYYYY too small, thankfully I only ordered a test swatch!


Hi Kelie,

Not a stupid question at all! I haven't received mine yet, but when you are picking the layout, you can enlarge or shrink the image and it will tell you how big each image will be if you shrink or enlarge. So I made the image the size I wanted in that area before ordering.

I hope that helps!


Hi Penny, hope you've been doing well! The labels are super adorable; I love them!!

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