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07 January 2013


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One of the things I do to give my quilts a "vintage" look ( which I totally love!) is to throw my quilt into the washer and dryer just after I finish quilting and binding it! I don't pre-wash my fabrics, but I throw a Shout Color Catcher into the washer with the quilt! Always gives me that vintage quilted look and my colors have never bled into each other!


I think you should go for it! When I was little my mom tea dyed a whole bunch of my uniform shirts from white to cream because the school changed the uniform over. I still remember how lucky I felt to have the "new" ones because they were so much softer after all the washings they had had. (I realize that this anecdote offers nary a tip, but I enjoyed my momentary stroll down memory lane.)


You're very brave! I wouldn't dare to teadye.


I love your quilt and I think it's a perfect one to try tea-dying on! Go for it!


So gorgeous! I have no practical advice on the tea dying but agree that the warm look is definitely worth the risk. Can't wait to see how it goes!!


I think it will be wonderful! I tea dyed a quilt once and I loved the look, I don't know why I've never done it since?! I did have the idea awhile ago though to tea dye some of my individual fabrics that I think would look better with an aged background rather than pure white. I think this quilt will be absolutely wonderful!


I say go for it! I've always liked tea dying.


Great idea. You'll have great color either way and a new adventure ta boot. Enjoy!!!


I say go for it. Just dry it flat or in the dryer so it doesn't streak. A little salt will enhance it during dying and vinegar in the rinse will set it. This quilt is on my someday list and yours is amazing!!


Me too... Go for it! Great idea!


Brave woman! I think it will look fabulous with a tea dye! I do like it as it is... Hope you take pics of the process if you go with it!


Penny, I started that quilt last night!!! It's so amazing. I love the thought of "aging" it with a tea dye. I can't wait to see yours finished.

Lana Dunkerley

I just love it....either way, it is already beautiful...
for my tip, i would take one strip of fabrics (that you used in the quilt as to not ruin one of the good ones) and place it in a cold water teadye for a timed bath of sorts...check it every 1/2 hr to hour and pick the test you like best. (take photos along the way)
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Robyn of CoffeeandCotton

Definitely lovin' the Tea Dye look! Can't wait to see it :)


Beautiful is real color! I cannot wait to see the Tea Dye.


I can't wait to see it tea dyed! I think it will be great! :D


It's gorgeous, Penny! And every one of these trips I see is wearing down my "I don't have time for this" resistance…

I read an article on ManMade DIY about brining tea-shirts to make them soft and "broken-in". I'm wondering if the same technique would work on a quilt - give it that vintage hand as well as look? I have no idea what the link is, though….


I have not done a lot of fabric dying - if it were me I would do up a small sample quilt and then give it a go cause I would want to try it - that is one of my goals for 2013 - have fun


Just gorgeous, Penny! Love your mix of color and fabric. Those dark reds in there makes everything shine!
It would be fun to hear your experience with tea dying. I would do a test or two before trying it on this pretty...

; )


I have tea dyed before, great idea on this quilt! I bet it will look amazing. So far I made 8 blocks of this pattern, and it is holding me hostage in my sewing room. I don't want to stop till I'm done!
Can't wait to see your finish!


Wow - so beautiful, and such a lot of work! I'd say listen to your heart and to your project... if it's calling to be tea-dyed, go for it!

Unrelated question: can I still purchase your footstool pincushion pattern? I love hexies and your pattern is so adorable!

Emily Smith

I don't have any suggestions for your tea dye but I just found your blog from you infitity scarf post on pinterst! I love it here and I am happy to see that there is a modern quilt guild in CO. I live too far south to make it anytime soon but I'm happy to know it's out there. I love you blog! Thanks for the inspiration,

diane stanley

I think it is a wonderful idea. It certainly will take on a retro flair

Sew Create It - Jane

I recently overdyed a quilt but used Dylon dye (Pebble Beige) and the results were perfect. You can read about it here. http://janeweston.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/results-are-in.html Dye is much safer to use than tea for 2 reasons. First the tannin in the tea will eat at the cotton and can actually damage the fibres. And secondly, if the quilt is ever washed in a bio-detergent then the tea will wash out... Good luck and I look forward to seeing your results.

krista - Poppyprint

Sooooo, did you go for it? I haven't seen any pics or reports and I'm curious!

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