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18 January 2013


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Penny, I've been to Mama, Said, Sew and you're right, it's an amazing shop! I don't get to Fort Collins very much anymore but I wish I did just for the microbrew and shopping. Thanks for participating in the hop! --JG


Penny-- I so agree, Mama Said Sew is the hippest quilt shop I've ever been in and has knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very hard to not to spend a boatload on the awesome fabrics! Angela is so wonderful, warm, friendly--and has been so great to our Ft. Collins Mod Quilt Guild. Must get there soon...this weekend they're having a sale...must get there very soon!


My sis lives in FoCo and I stop at MSS when I visit her. You can tell its a Colorado fabric by the featherweight bike badges!


Oh how I wish Ft. Collins wasn't a four hour drive. :(


You just had to bait me didn't you! Rub it in big time too. Thbbbb!


That sewing machine looks a lot like my first machine, a hand me down from my Great-Grandma. I really need to get it serviced and start using it again.

Thanks for another shop to add to my "visit if we're ever in the area" list! :-)

Mama Urchin

You are really lucky to have such a great quilt shop. I look forward to visiting it every time I'm there.


This looks like a wonderfully friendly local shop. How lucky you are. I have a question for you, are you able to tell me the name of the fabrics in the photo of the sewing machine?? Wish this shop was near me. Also do you know whether she ships internationally??


I live in Denver and my parents live outside Ft. Collins. One day I was meeting them in Old Town and I parked my car in the first spot I saw. I looked up and I was parked in front of Sew Mama Sew. I walked in and Angela told me it was the first day the shop opened. My mother said "Only YOU would stumble on a new fabric shop!" ANYWAY, I've been back every time I'm in Ft. Collins and LOVE LOVE LOVE the store. So happy to see it grow.


OOPS, sorry I mean MAMA SAID SEW in my post above! Sorry about that.


Oh you are so lucky!!! Mama Said Sew is DEFINITELY on my list of must-visit shops!



Looks like a great local shop.

happy zombie

I know that when (not if) I walk into Mama Said Sew I'll never be able to walk out. I hope there are beds there! I've not met Ange aside through emails and social networking - and I adore her without ever having met her in person. LIKE YOU! (Of course you and I have met briefly at Market, way back once. Houston 2010? )

Angela Gray

Aww, thank you for the love, Penny! You've made the shop look so beautiful and I almost look like a rock star!! It's always so fun to hang out and thanks for letting Ron grace our back wall!
P.S. Hi Rae (wait til you see my Washi Dress)!
P.P.S. Hi Monica - you are too too sweet (I can't order mochi balls without calling them happy mochi yum yum balls!!!


Such a great way to promote your local shop!!! I wish I had such a great sewing "lounge" close to me!!!

Andrew Bailey

It's looking good. It's nice that they are offering so many great things in there, I would love to shop for some materials there one of these days because I can definitely use a good jump. Also I've tried this site that I know you guys would love; http://fabricbanners.net.au/

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