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08 April 2013


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Looks like you're on a roll..... Loving the scrappy trip quilt..


I love each one of them! I am a scrappy queen! :) I've heard that you can get a brown or beige and then dye either ugly fabrics or dye the whole project and it will blend all the colors into the same shades...don't know if I'm saying this correct. ♥


Great progress! Anxious to hear more about the tea-dying...


Oh wow. I absolutely love the lap quilt. What will the finished size be?


So many good things going on, Penny!
Your scrappy trip is looking very lovely. Can't wait to hear more of this story... I really like what you did with your leftover strips from the trip. Great idea and a pretty little quilt. Love your snowball wip. So happy!
; )


So productive! I need some of that mojo this week please.


You've been a busy girl Penny! I LOVE your scrappy trip!!!


Loving the scrappy trip on point ~ what a great way to do it and love the border too. Great to be so busy and productive! 98 Snowballs!!! I'm way way behind ~ I've got to get it together and get some more sewn!


They are all great but that snow ball is killing me.


Everything is looking beautiful!


What a fun subliminal message you sewed into the receiving blanket!


And the bowling pins, yes we see them, tossed in with the leaves cracks me up! Completely original!!

krista - Poppyprint

Outstanding weekend sewing!! I think the tea dying looks fabulous - are you happy?

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane

Seriously productive and all so lovely!

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