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19 June 2013


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Thank you so much for that tip!!! Frustration over. Happy days!

Lana D

Hey! I wonder if that will work on my Samsung Tablet as well? I am sure going to give it a whirl! Thanks for the post!


Thank you for the tips! I, too, have been frustrated by my iPad's inability to do seemingly simple tasks like that... {grin} I use Blogger and tried the Blogger app, but was less than impressed. I'm going to give Blogsy a try and see if that doesn't make things a bit easier. Many thanks!


Sweet! I share a computer with the entire family, and it's also our TV, so use my new-ish ipad all of the time, The comment thing drives me crazy! Thanks!


Never had a problem commenting using iPad.... But I've not used Blogsy to blog as yet....


Thanks you for the blogsy app! I have been frustrated because I could not blog from my ipad accessing my flickr photos! This is exactly what I needed!


Yes!! Thank you! I may never leave the couch now.


My hand is waving in the air! I switched my blog reading over to Bloglovin' on my iPad from my computer (so they would not be a tempting distraction while I work) and found commenting on some blogs tricky. I'll have to try Opera as you suggest.

Naomi P

This is a great post - so great and so helpful that I blogged about it on my own blog - linking to this post! Thank you (from a Blogger Blog owner!)

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