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22 July 2013


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I have a auto shut off Black and Decker with steam I paid around $25 for about 20 years ago and it's still going strong. Never leaks. I got a iron shoe for it as the teflon was a little scratched up. That is awesome, it distributes the heat so much better. No matter what iron I pick to replace that one, I will put an iron shoe on it.


I loved my Rowenta until it developed a fatal leak. I'm now on my second T-Fal and it's ok.


That is so funny! My favorite iron of all time? Is the Continental dry iron of which you speak! LOL! Sorry you got a lemon! I wouldn't give up yet :)

Sarah Bailey

Ugh. IRONS! I bought a mid-level Oliso and I HATE IT. It doesn't leak but the holes where they feet pop out get caught sometimes, and the feet don't work right, sometimes they lower even when not in use and if I'm not paying attention it burns my ironing board cover! When I turn them off they lower and raise anyway for no reason. It's ridiculous. More and more I find myself going back to my $15 sunbeam. I just don't put water in it, I always use a spray bottle with water in it instead, it works almost as well as starch, as long as my iron is clean.

Gene Black

I have to say that so far my favorite is my (horribly expensive even though I got it on sale) Oliso Pro - the yellow one designed for quilters.


I have that same iron! Mine's from Amazon, and I returned the first one I received because it rattled a lot. The one I kept only rattles a little. :}

If (when) this one dies, I plan to buy a cute vintage dry iron, cause I agree with you that the idea of dry irons is awesome.


Ooh I recently had an iron dilemma too. I would up getting a Sunbeam professional "Steam maker" with auto shut off and I love it more than anything. They definitely can make or break a sewing day can't they?!


Vintage American beauty from the 40's I pickedup at an eestate sale. That doesn't help much does it :-)


I have a cheap-o Sunbeam that I've had for probably 10 years. Sometimes it spits, but only if I try to use the steam before the iron has heated up all the way. I wish it was heavier though. Good luck! It seems everyone is looking for the perfect iron, but there are so many inconsistencies with individual irons of the same exact brand and models.


I purchased a dry iron from Amazon .... love love it. It works perfectly. Sorry you're having problem.s

Quiltin Jenny

Not much help here b/c I am only on my 2nd iron in 21 years of marriage - both top of the line Rowentas. I know many people have had issues with them, but I've never had a moment of trouble.

Of course, that may be related to how much I use it! I almost never use fusible, and hardly ever press anything except fabric, so it has a pretty easy life.


what kind of water do you use in your steam iron? Basic spring water with none of the "stuff" the city adds for bugs has worked well for me for years and years and years.... and the iron keeps on working for me.


I have to say my favorite is the cordless iron by Panasonic.

Jean Etheridge

My Reliable iron....Velocity. It is orange and steams like crazy.

Sharon in Michigan

I have the same problem as you. Finding an iron that lasts is something I'd love to find.


Shopping for a decent iron is quite a challenge these days. For years I have had no luck with any R*****a. They fail and sputter, overheat, do not heat, whatever. No exception. The handle on a Reliable V50 crumbles and deteriorates in a very annoying way. So I dropped by Walmart for an inexpensive Hamilton Beach with this strange fake chrome/lift it off of the ironing board attachment. There is a great switch that turns OFF "auto off" so that it will stay on while I am ironing a top or yardage. It is only 1500 watts but I a suspect all irons are manufactured in the same place and this is the only option. I use a iron most of the time and this one has lasted well. As I recall it was under $40.


I also tried a yellow Oliso. There was an acrid odor to it that did not go away after two weeks, so I sent it back.

Linda Armenti

I bought somthing I think is similar from Amazon. The Continental dry iron. It was shipped from a outside source and the first one I sent back. The 2nd one arrived without the rattling (as mentioned by someone above) and is now in it's 2nd year and works wonderfully. I have a Rowenta (my professional gave out after about 13 years of service) I got a lighter version and it works great as well. I'd love to get an Olisio after all I've read, but the price is pretty darn high.


I have the Reliable Sensor Velocity. It is expensive, but so far,so good. I've had it for about a year.


I bought the Hamilton beach durathon and I love it. I use it dry or with lots of steam. Had too much trouble with the high dollar irons.


I love my Reliable V100. I works like a dream.


Hi Penny
I've given up on expensive home irons - they end up dying an early death. I just bought an iron at Target - $20 and I like it better than my $70 Rowenta which I gave to the goodwill. The best iron I've had is an industrial iron which is in my basement because I don't have room to set it up. I'll see if I can find it and let you know the brand. It rocks - it is heavy and has a super steam setting : )


I've got a Reliable Velocity and so far it's been the best iron I've had in a while. It is a little loud when you turn on the steam but it works wonderfully!

Cathi in Texas

I have a fairly inexpensive GE iron I got at WalMart a few years back. I've never put water in it so I can't tell you how it works with that.


I have the same problem, and I have paid good money for Rowentas...what IS the black stuff it spews only on occasion, but still...I am SO in the same boat! Hope this new one lasts longer... (I confess, I do love steam, so I have not being able to use it confidently.)


I have used a Panasonic iron for 3 years with nary a problem. It has a retractable cord, auto-shut off (fast recovery), a curved titanium soleplate that reduces creases on the edge and has never leaked or sputtered because I have never put water in it! I simply use a spray bottle for water or starch depending on the project.


I have a Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Iron. Love it.

Pattie C

My fav, I'm on my third, is the Oreck cordless. I hate the iron cord getting in my way. I use it dry, with a spray bottle for more control.


I have a Panasonic that I like for the non-stick plate, but it's small and doesn't get hot enough to fuse some interfacings (only 1200 watts) so I purchased a Black & Decker Digital Advantage D2030 (1500w - about $40) and so far its been great, gets really hot. I looked at the Reliable irons but the reviews were still not better than this iron and the black & decker is half the price. GOOD LUCK on your search!


I hate how light irons are. mine constantly gets knocked off the iron and i have to catch myself from trying to catch it as it falls on the floor. the last time it fell it fell on a plastic bag!!! would love to know if there is an iron out there that has some substance to it.


I have a Rowenta but am not too thrilled with it. Recently heard about a great dry iron from Vermont Country Store and am thinking of ordering one.


I bought a used vintage(70's),Black and Decker iron for $3.99 at Value Village 5 years ago and it is still going strong!

I only use it dry. I have spray bottle with water if I need to steam a bit!


This digital black and decker is perfect. You can even dial how much steam you want. It is really a great iron and cost $50.


I have a 1950s smooth sole plate dry iron, Proctor Silex. I paid $12 for it on Craigslist about ten years ago. It is the best iron ever -- VERY hot and quickly smoothes out creases, bone dry, that my new steam Rowenta can't. If I didn't have my vintage iron I would definitely try the $30 dry iron from the Vermont Country Store, although I'd be willing to bet that it doesn't get as hot as my 50s Proctor Silex.

Once you try a smooth sole plate (no holes at all) you will love it, I promise. Great for quilting, applique, paper piecing.

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