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27 July 2013


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Lovely pictures, Penny. The sky is so blue. Wouldn't that be a pretty piece of fabric! I love those kinds of Saturdays.


Oh Penny...what a fun day, I wish it had been mine! Hope we can see each other soon. Off for a walk myself...what glorious cool weather we're having in CO!


Awesome! Sure do miss the mountains.


What a perfect weekend! Sun on Saturday then nice slow rain Sunday and cloudy cool today! Enjoy!


Aaaahhhh.... that last picture is perfect!

jody deschenes

did you hike to the crash site? it's a great hike, and an interesting (somber) experience...but it's a beautiful "resting place", for what that is worth. what a crazy story...kudos to the two that managed to crawl to the river and find the fisherman who saved them...in the 40's...so odd to think about now, 70 years later!! we just did Huron a couple of days ago and in "Old" Winfield there is a sign commemorating a Flight for Life helicopter that crashed on Huron in the 90's... ):


So cute!!! I want more and more!!!

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