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09 January 2014


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I love how you customized Lucie's design. I could have picked your potholder out of a line up. :)


Love your pot holder - you have such fantastic text fabrics in your work - and it brings such a varying element to the improv concept
Lu's quilts are lovely too aren't they - it's bound to be a great book for advice and inspiration.


Love to learn her technique for portholes! They are so cute...love your potholder! Thanks for the review.


lovely portholes! This book does look fab. I was a bit confused at first how you write a book of improv designs, but it makes more sense now!


Lucie's work is such fun and I really like your potholder too. I think they appeal to me because I love scraps and I love colour too.


Oh dear. Another book I must have for my library ; ) Your portholes are so cute!

lu summers

what a fab post penny, and i love the potholder. i particularly like the fact you did your own shapes - and you made your piece completely unique, which is the whole point of the book. love it! thank you :) x

carla bynum

Hi!!! I love the potholder too!!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!!


Love your potholders and the fabric you used.

Deborah M

Love your potholder! Can't wait to see the book!

Debbie Gallett

I too love the portholes. Your potholder is cute.

Sue Bone

Cute project

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