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21 August 2007


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I can't wait to try this! My husband is a total germ-a-phobe and wont let me have a scrubbie b/c of it. But if i have an endless supply of them he prob. wont be so militant about it!


Great idea!!! I'm adding this to my list of To-Do Tutorials!!


Oh my goodness...thank you! I have looked here and there for a few years, trying to find this. My great grandmother used to make these for us as Christmas present each year till she passed away. They have always been a favorite of mine! My last one has been used sparingly because I knew no more would come. Now I can make some.


Thank you for this!!! I bought the tulle to make some scrubbies because I figured that's what they were made of, but haven't found a tutorial yet. So thank you!


THANK YOU!!!! I am going to make everyone a couple of these for Christmas!


I have never wanted to learn to crochet as much as I have right now. I knit, and I have a hook, but never got the hang of it. Now I know I must. Thanks!!!


Thank you so much. I had almost figured this out after seeing one at a friend's home but your tutorial is great. I'll be whipping up a few for me and friends.


Finished my 3rd one! Thank you again! One question after the 3 ch round, how many sc do you do into the round? I think I did 6?


I just posted some of the scrubbies I made on my blog.


Thank you for the tutorial and for checking the 6 sc into the round!


Thanks so much for this tutorial! I had a whole bag of tulle from my wedding just sitting in the basement for the last 6 years and thanks to you I used it all up for Christmas gifts for my friends. THANKS a million!!!

Wanda Pace

I've been looking on line for about 5 years trying to find these directions. I purchased some netting but I had a disasterous start on them so now I'll try again. Thanks again


very good idea! I'll give it a go. Thank you for sharing!


what a great tutorial...a terrific little gift idea...do you fill the scrubbie with anything??


i have a question
what is the difference between a scrubby and a scrubber?
thank you


Tina's comment (1/16/08) really touched my heart, as she loved these scrubbies made by her great grandmother. I have a hotpad made by my grandmother that has been burned and repaired, and worn almost to shreds. I received a gift of two of these scrubbies from a friend, and I'm glad to have found the pattern.

Dorothy Beyer

I would like the pattern for the scrubbies.


I’m scrubby I am not as fragile as you think I will do dishes in your sink
For washing veggies I can’t be beat, In your bath I am great for your feet
I can take the lint off your clothes, I can probably even scratch your nose
For bugs on your car give me a try,Paint on your hands? Tell it goodbye
I am tulle soft but tuff as iron ,Just rinse me out when you’re through
And when I’m dry I am good as new



Lori Jones

Thank you so much for this scrubbie pattern. I am a knitter and was able to figure this pattern out! Am so excited to be able to make these! Thanks again.
Lori J

Pete Futa

You don't know how excited I am about this!! Not only have I been looking for this pattern, but to know I can finally repurpose that roll of tulle from my wedding in 2004, makes me so so so happy!!

Lauretta DeShane

These are great for scrubbing potatoes!


I made these at a Woman's Retreat about 8 years ago and have been looking for the directions to do them for xmas gifts this year. Everyone in my family has redone the colors of their kitchen so I am going to make them to match their new color scheme!!


So how do I get the pattern?

Bonnie Robertson

I would like the scrubbie pattern, See email address below.

Kelly Mullins

Great directions can't wait to make one, THANKS!!

sara sartain

THANK YOU, THANK YOU with your pattern, it was so easy, I had been looking for this for a year. again THANK YOU.


How many scrubbies should you get out of the 1/2 yard?

donna bulson

i just love receiving these as gifts...tried to follow mother in laws,,seeing the pattern makes it so much easier..will try


Love these. My mom gave me a couple when I moved. She got them from someone she worked with. I hate sponges with all the little germs and stench, these are the perfect alternative. I'm having trouble starting it though. I've tried to get it started a few times and can make it about two rows and they seem to close in on themselves and I can't seem to make another row. Part of the issue is using something that I'm not familiar with, but I think I'm doing something else wrong. Can you give any "starting" tips?


In answer to the husband who is a germ-a-phobe, I put my scrubby in the dishwasher with every load or so. They come out clean as new. I have put them in the washing machine, but don't like the fabric softener on them, and they can collect lint from the towels. If you don't want them in the dishwasher, soak them for 10-15 minutes in half white vinegar and half water so.ution. The vinegar kills the germs. If you like, add some lemon essential oil (5 drops) to the solution. The lemon helps to cut grease when using the scrubby. Thanks for the pattern!!!

Jackie Stevens

could u please send me the pattern


You can put them in the dishwasher when you think they need some extra cleaning.

Susie Winner

I have found that if you mix about a teaspoon of dishwasher liquid and a cup of hot water and soak the scrubbies overnight. They will be fresh as a daisy the next morning. It will dissolve any food particles. Great for removing cheese.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for this pattern! I have posted it on my Pinterest board as my "go to" scrubbie pattern!

Sondra Hefte

I like your little dish scrubber that is croched.
It looks simple, and something that I can do.
Do you have a pattern that I can purchase?
I thought I had saw one for $4.00 when I was on this site
Please let me know. Sondra Hefte


Hi Sondra,
You can find the scrubber pattern in either my etsy or craftsy shop link. Both are on the sidebar of my blog :)

Donna Rumohr

I have used these scrubbies. I put them in my dishwasher to clean & sanitize them.

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