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15 October 2007


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I love your pear Penny.
Sarah x


How are you going to display your pears? These are really great - I love that they are not too cutesy or county, classic! Will have to link to the site and see if I can make one!

Sugarshop (Dena)

Love the pear! Very fall-y. I was the same way with the blog thing. In December of last year I didn't actually know what a blog was I had of course heard the term. I went in to a quilt store and the ladies sent me home with Heather Bailey's Blog and said I'd spend hours looking. I went home and to her site thought it was nice but didn't quite get the "hours of looking"...until I realized all those lovely names on the side were other blogs and I was hooked! Lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Thank you for sharing the pear. I am making the little girl up a fruit bowl at the moment (among all the other projects...). I didn't have a pear pattern. Thanks. Will send a photo when I have finished.


That looks very cute I was thinking of putting them in a bowl and aranging them on my table

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