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13 October 2007


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I really like your new heading.
Sarah x


The redesign is very peaceful and serene! I also like the little flickr pix - tons of fun! Tell Lenny chili recipe, please! Looks yummy, going to go start a pot right now, really! Have some drapes and a bunch of fabric that I picked up from a model room at the Arabelle in Vail, which was dismantled this weekend. (We also got a gas fireplace and a deep soaking tub - major blessing!) They would have just thrown it all in a dumpster! These rooms go for $1500 a nt high season, nice stuff! Need help to "refashion" the drapes to fit my windows and figure out what to do with this huge piece of fabric they had hanging at the head of the bed from a curved piece of crown molding. U game?

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