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16 November 2007


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whooo Penny, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag !!
Sarah x


I have to say I love your blog. I just subscribed to it! Oh, how I love google reader. I am on my way to JoAnn's again today to pick up a few more fabrics because I have been inspired by a Japanese sewing magazine myself. This bag is awesome and what a great idea instead of the "fruit basket". I may have to steal your chocolate bag idea next time we are hosting visitors.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Penny, that is a wonderful idea! And that basket/bag is great!

Julie Davis Reed

Hi penny!

it's me.....the joann fabrics rookie!!! i am just too darned excited for words that i showed up in a blog as magnificent as this one! thanks so much for the encouragement you offered the other day....and of course, for keeping a straight face when i asked you..."ummmm, what did you mean by 'what are you going to BIND it together with'?

i love love super love the bag- soooooo (or should i say SEW) glad you turned it inside out. POY-FECT.

i'll keep you posted with the coasters project. boy do i feel like an amateur when i browsed through your postings. it will probably take me DAYS and DAYS to make 16 coasters, meanwhile back at the ranch you're on your third handbag, 21st bookmark, and you haven't even broken a sweat yet!!!

take care and i hope your weekend with your guests is going well. the bag is truly beautiful. i'm sure your visitors will consider your generosity and the product-thereof a genuine blessing.



What a wonderful roomy bag! I love the fabrics you used too.


Another great bag! Love the fabric pairing.

Next summer, you can come look for watermelons in the forest!


My dear Grandmother's name is Lucille. She would have loved you!! Great bag and a lucious gift idea! Keep inspiring us!


i love the bag. and thanks for stopping by my blog!


love love love the lucille bag! my MIL's mother was Lucille, so in her memory, i'm going to make one of these today. 20 year old blue kettle cloth with a red check-y lining (stash clean out days are here). wish me luck.

also, need to say, penny, i love your blog. the hiking picture looks like it could be me!


sweet bag, thanks for the tute, i will be making one for this summer. i love that you lined your cotton webbing handles, i have never seen anyone do that before and to be honest i dont think i ever would of thought that you could do it! great idea


I love this bag .. but your Vintage Bag is terrific!!


Hi Penny,

I love your blog .. it's just super .. I happened upon your Vintage Bag, the green wool one .. I love the style .. I printed out the instructions and the pieces (I have NEVER made a bag, I just have a fetish for them) :) so it takes little to confuse me .. on piece B, it looks like the front part of the bag is 13.5" and the back part is 13" as it dips down, yet it says to make sure the top of the bag is 13.5" once the pleats are in place .. is there something I'm missing here? I thought the bag would be shorter after the pleats are in place? I'm obviously missing something .. I really want to make this bag .. I hate tote bags (they are boring and reek of sameness) and love bags with character. Thanks!



Hi! Wow, you have such cute stuff on your blog. I love your tutorial on this bag. I can't wait to go home and try and make it! Thanks!


Awesome project. It looks great and nice to see the "how to" as well.


many,many thanks! I saw this bag so many times on many blogs and I wonder if i could make one for me. Many thanx again for the tuto if I don't don't understand something , should I ask you some help?


How much total yardage do I need for this project? Did I miss it?


love all your tutes penny!
you are just too faberlous for words!
um, i have one question tho, how did you get your curves for piece b? im a plate and bowl girl myself, but i think these curves are too elongated for that.
help! and thanks

Yoshi Kumara

I love this bag! I just made two of them and one is getting filled with baby blankets and burp cloths for my new niece. I am working on creating 30 bags in 30 days and I made the Lucille bag for days 4 and 5. You can check it out on my blog here http://diffusible.blogspot.com/2010/09/30-bags-in-30-days-days-four-and-five.html

To answer a question I see posted in the comments here and one I had myself, the yardage required was about 1/2 yard each of the main and lining fabrics. For the first one I made, I only had a 1/2 yard of fabric and I just eked out the pieces, so I purchased 2/3 of a yard for the second bag just to be sure.


Hi I love the bag. Can anyone help me with the dimentions. We use centimeters here in Holland and I can't get it right.

Thanks al lot


Keep it up! This is a fun bag that I am going to make with my daughter! We will use it to take snacks to her travel softball games next year - LOVE IT!

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