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16 April 2008


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Hi Penny, you are soooo brave, i wouldn't like to meet up with any bears in the woods.
Great pic !
Sarah x


I am not a backpacker or hiker. Back when i was in highschool, I took a trip with a church group to Molokai in Hawaii (lived in HI already.) We went hiking to Kalapapa, the famous leprosy colony that can only be reached by a steep climb down.

Down, no problem, except I wanted to jump in the surf when we finally reached the beach but it had killer rip tides. The climb back up about killed me, and the last photo of the day, with the view in the background, has me posed all hot and red wearing just my shorts and bra! Got rid of everything else (except shoes!) Never again!!


you are so much better than me! i get winded climbing up our front porch steps!


How exciting! So tell me, is it a skill you can learn how to hike? I read Elizabeth Zimmermann's knitting books, and in one of them she talks about hiking. She said sometimes when a guest would come along, they would be panting and falling way behind, and she and her experienced friends would be fine because they figured out how to do it. Have you figured out some trick or skill?


Sounds exciting....I have a little anxiety right now for you! Just talking about it gets me all nervous....I am sure you will make sure you are well prepared come August! :)


Ohmygosh! I'm so envious! I would love to go on a for-real-live backpacking trip!!! But, sadly, I don't know anyone who would go with me, so I'm left alone to dream! Can't wait to see your August report!


I'm afraid of bears too. My husband and I had gone to Grand Isle to bike. There are no phones or people for miles...we stopped to eat our lunch. I heard someone walking close to us. I looked around the bush and there was a black bear lumbering towards us, Bruce couldn't see it, but saw my reaction. We walked over to the bikes. He said "I don't see a bear", just then it lumbered around the bush...Bruce took right off on the bike!!!!! He SAID "I was leading the way." I felt like the person in that joke. Two guys are being chased by a bear and the one guy stops to tie his tennis shoe. The other guy says you can't outrun a bear. The first guy says, yes, but I can outrun you! Ü


Sounds like its going to be a fun trip :)


I haven't been backpaking in YEARS! My husband really enjoys it too, but with since the kids we haven't done it. I bet we could do day trips now that at least two of them can walk. Nothing big, but that would be so much fun! Thanks for inspiring a fun summer family activity!
Good luck and watch out for those bears!

Jordana Castro

hola penny, good look with the bears!!!

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