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08 April 2008


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Catty Ax Lady

I'm so jealous!! I found a pattern (yup, a free one, actually a couple of them) on the Michael's website, and it's crocheted (crochetted?) just beautifully. I thought 'What a perfect travel bag!'...then realized that we're leaving for our 'summer trip' in about a week...not enough time for me to make the darned thing!

I love the idea of lining the inside and putting the plastic canvas for stiffening. Great job on the bag!!


Turned out SO cute! I love the leather squares on the bottom too, nice details.


Hi Penny, wow is fantastic!! Love the colours and the fabric inside is lovely.You must be a very fast crocherer (have i spelt that right)or is it because i kept asking if it was finished yet lol.
Love it! Can't wait to see what you make next
Sarah x


That is one lovely bag ! Love the baby blue. Thanks for the linky to the patterns too, a nice little resource.....asti x


Wow, that is fantastic!


It's lovely!


Oh, that plastic canvas....when I was a kid that was my favorite craft! I used to make all kinds of flowers and bugs with them! To funny...
The purse is great....does it take long to make? I have never learned to crochet...you make it look so pretty. Even though they are on the bottom, I love the feet! :)


Gorgeous! I absolutely love it! Oddly enough, my favorite part might be the canvas strap handles...either that or the lining, or the yarn colors, or the feet :)


You should be happy with your bag...it's wonderful! I love your color choice and the lining couldn't be more perfect! Thanks for the tips about the plastic canvas.


Yeah... I guessed right! And it's a beauty! I have that same freebie pattern, but haven't made it yet (no real need, just liked it!) I did kinda stump me with the leather feet, but I think that's a brilliant idea!


oh my goodness penny! i love this bag! i want to make one!!


That is just too cute!!!


I love the bag and all the changes you made. My question is, how did you do the shoulder strap? I especially like the design you made on the edges of the strap. I would appreciate it if you could give me those instructions as well.
Thanks so much, LInda


another beautiful bag! love what you did with the handles.


I love this bag! How cute!

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