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12 April 2008


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LOL, same here Penny, not just bags though , i have a note book at hand now to jot down everytime i think of an idea. Love the new style bags in your shop. Wish i lived near you so you could learn me how to crochet like you.I have managed some flowers though.
Sarah x


Thanks for the bloggy love, Penny! I'm so glad you like your new (for today!) bag. I will take pictures of the one I got from you as soon as I remember where I put the camera! I did take it shopping yesterday and it was fabulous!! It went well with the reusable vegetable bags I made!

Catty Ax Lady

Oh how cool!! Like I told Lisa, next payday will hopefully be the day I get to order a market bag! I hope there are some left by that time! I'm really digging the red/turquoise combo too.

And yes, pink and foofoo are IN!! I went to Target this morning to pick something up for our trip, and of course I spent about an hour sidetracked in the baby girl department, lol.


Hi Penny! Love love love this bag. Check your etsy, I made a purchase, could not help myself! I believe our famer's market opens this Sat. This is perfect for that. So cute!


Thanks for stopping by at Gigibird:)

I see you have a bad case of bag fever.....


What a cute bag!!! I love your crocheted market bag too - it would almost make shopping for groceries painless (almost...still not quite!!!)


Cute bags! Ruffles make anything lovelier!


I feel your pain :) Bags are addictive!

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