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24 May 2008


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Catty Ax Lady

Oh my goodness, that's the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!!

As far as crafting goes...well...I'm an aspiring crafter. But when I get off my duff and actually start crafting, I think I'll be more practical, but one never knows until their creative juices start flowing, do they? I think there are gazillions of people who will buy something for practical purposes, but there are also an equal amount of people who buy for cuteness and "Oh that's just adorable!".

So...will Bella be put in your etsy shop, or was she made for someone? She's just too cute.


whoooo Penny shes lovely!! i like alsorts of craftsand at the mo as you know its crochet, so i noticed straight away the lovely crochet mat the elephant is standing on to.
Sarah x



Love your little elephant! Wasn't it fun to make? I had trouble with one part but now I can't for the life of me remember what it was. I just love yours!
I don't know what kind of crafter I am, I come and go from one thing to the next with no rhyme or reason. I do not like to be bored... I want to be functional, conciousable (is this a word?), and creative all in one.


Great elephant - love the fabric you have used!

Catty Ax Lady

Ahh, as much as I'd love to buy her, I really shouldn't. But I think if you etsy'd her up, she'd get snagged in a heartbeat!


Oh my gosh! I bet that would look so cute even out of vintage sheet! I have some just in mind. I've made the pj pants from Amy Butler's book that I have left over fabric just for this....My teenager would love that.


That elephant is too awesome! I think it's so cool how you use thrifted materials for this. I agree with Catty Ax Lady, you should put one of these in your shop. BTW, I think i'm late, but i've finally discovered Savers (thrift shop). I got some super deals on a few bed linens ... I didn't have much time, but I can see myself getting hooked, LOL!

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