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31 May 2008


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Great photos, Penny. I'm particularly drawn to the buttons (as a button fiend myself, anything buttony is double plus good). These shots remind me of the Small shots I take; gotta give it up for the macro.

You can check them out on my blog, livingsmall.wordpress.com, or at my Flickr photostream: flickr.com/photos/livingsmall. Hope you like them!


oh the necklace is wonderful! and way to go penny's dad!


love the necklace. Great finds from your dad!! Wonder what you are going to make with it??
Our nextdoor neighbour has one of those plants, they are so nice when they are out! Hope your squirels are behaving.
Sarah x


Love those buttons! Your Dad is a treasure to find you all tose gorgeous bits and pieces!

Jordana Castro

Hi penny, how are you? I have been a bit away due to a vaccine side effects. But now my arm is getting better. Anyway how cool is your dad to take the time and look for all those amazing crafting things. I loved the buttons!!


Peonies are my absolute favourite. I have a problem with ants eating the heads of mine in my garden - pesky things.

I love your header/ logo too, really very pretty.

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