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29 June 2008


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Yummy post! Our garden needs weeding so badly. I love this quilt. It is so cute and your first quilt is a super success.


i love how this quilt turned out! so light and fun. do you plan to quilt it yourself? how fun to finish your first quilt!


Hi Penny,
LOVE love love your quilt!!! How did you make your squares? I love the look you did.
Lovely fruit salad, sounds like the best day ever!


Pretty, pretty quilt!! I love it :)


yep...the quilt top looks gorgeous...I want to know how you did those squares too...I have a couple of quilts to make and am trying to decide how to do them...gorgeous


Love this quilt! Such fun and fresh colors and I love the square shapes. I have to get quilting again soon.


Penny...that quilt turned out amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with the back!
Oh...and butter lettuce...it is the BEST!!!!


The quilt looks awesome! Like you, I am so "quilt dumb" but honestly, I've never been really interested in them as much as say clothes, hehehe! I like how the shape (trapezoids) is non-traditional, makes it sort of edgy, lol!


your quilt is just beautiful!


That salad look so refreshing.

I love the quilt blocks too. That's a fun pattern and it turned out beautifully.


Love your quilt Penny, wanna come and weed my garden ??
Sarah x


Um. Ok. So your KILLING me with the cuteness of this quilt! I have been wanting to make a wonky log cabin for awhile but am intimidated by the process. Sew. Cut. Sew. Cut. . . This one is FABULOUS!


That baby quilt top is cute as can be! Lucky you that you have a friend to weed with -- I'd love that!


That is a beautiful quilt! (I read the post title too fast and thought the name of your quilt was "fruit salad" - which, actually, is a cute name for a quilt, dontcha think? ;))

for someone who is quilt dumb you certainly did a great job. I love it!


Penny! The salad looks better than from a restaraunt!!! I will email you the pics from our gardening adventure. And your pie looks incredible! I think I might make it for the 4th tomorrow!! How fun! Love ya girl!

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