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04 July 2008


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Absolutely beautiful! Is it a gift or is it for you??


This is an awesome tutorial!! I love the binding work you did. It looks absolutely perfect! binding by hand = the best!!


How cute is this! You did a great job! I have babies on the mind as well! Lot's of new little ones to be born in the coming months... hmmmm... this is a great project.
Very nice!


Very pretty....your fabrics always look so good together.
I may have to make one of these for our littel bun in the oven! I will post for you to see! :)


i LOVE the colors of this, and i love how it turned out. i will NOT be using this tutorial unless some miracle occurs and i wake up a much better seamstress (okay a seamstress at all...!) but i think it's so cool how you share these things on here for everyone to try out.


Beautiful...and a great tutorial. I have a little cousin just days old that I may make this for............Thankyou!


I was *just* looking for a pattern for this when I got your comment on my site and decided to visit! Lovely blog, and always glad to make the acquaintance of another rhubarb lover out there...

Connie / ReFabulous

What a cute pattern and great tutorial! I also love the fabrics you chose. I'll be trying this very soon.... thanks!


What a wonderful idea for a gift.Have to try to make one of these, thank you so much for the tutorail.
hugs ginger


I came across this in the posting and thought that I would check it out. It seems easy to do. Thank you for this. There seems to be alot of little backsides that need changing in this household, so I will probably be making three or four of them! Thank you again.


thanks for the tutorial! new grandbaby needs one...gotta get sewing :)


Penny I made my own a few years ago for my granddaughter but I liked your best. I have a couple of baby showers coming up and have made a couple of pads following your tutorial....thank you so much, so glad I remembered where I saw it, there is a link on my site for others to see.

Dawn Renwick

Penny, thank you so much for this adorable and perfect diaper changing pad! I just made it the other day and put a link to this page on my blog (http://dawnyurenwick.blogspot.com). The only thing I changed is I added two more layers of the prequilted flannel because one layer just didn't seem soft enough. I didn't put velcro on and may sew on a ribbon to tie the whole thing shut instead. I'm not talented enough to sew a binding that's not premade yet (this is literally my 3rd sewing project ever!) so that's what I ended up using. Thanks again!


Thanks for posting this... I almost just spent $30 on a changing pad. Now I can make my own from fabric I have already yea!!!!


Thank you for this tutorial as well as the one for the bath mitt. I made both items for a baby shower and really had fun sewing. You can find my blog post about it here:



Sorry about that...I gave you the wrong link! Here's the right one:



This is the best version of this project I have seen. I am expecting in august and needed to keep myself busy while waiting. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such detailed instructions. :) love it. :)

גני אירועים

Wow... Amazing tutorial shared by you here related sewing. I also prefer my free time with sewing machine which is very helpful to design my clothes.

קניית דומיין

Nice tutorial regarding dipper changing. I like very much. Inventive and valuable work done by you. Thank you for this fascinating post!

Amy Johnson

Thank you so so much for this tutorial! I made 2 for my new son im having on March 16th :o)



If you use vinyl on one side it is wipe-able :) a vinyl tablecloth works well

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