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30 July 2008


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Anna M.

I LOVE your fabric labels - how fun! Also, that's such a cute gift...your friend is very lucky. You make some of the neatest things - I'm always impressed by your talents! Have a fun weekend at your conference. =)


I love your labels and the baby things. I have a new grandbaby on the way (#8) and need to get started making some things for him/her. What kind of "label fabric" did you buy? Blessings, marlene


i have some of this printer fabric too. it's taken me forever to decide how i want them to look...i love yours...so fun and fresh!


Love your little tags. How did you do that? Congrats on the awards.

Karen in IN


Penny those are lovely!! Love the diaper bag set too, great colours. Have fun on your trip.
Congrats on your awards


Those labels are great! Are they easy to make? You always come up with wonderful ideas. Love the colors on the set! :)


SUPER cute labels my dear!!!
love what they are on too.


Love your new labels. They are so simple, but so cute. Speaking of cute, almost makes me wish I were having another baby (NOT) but the changing thing is so precious. :) Congrats on the awards, and thanks for all the nice comments to my blog. Appreciate it.


not to beat a dead horse (see your previous comment) but i LOVE your new label! very cute. and i also love the brown/pink combo of the material you chose. it's really amazing to me what people can make. and to think i was proud of sewing a plain old rectangle...

congrats on the awards! i love the drawing for the wylde women one. have fun on the trip!

Vicki K

What a very lovely gift! I'd love to see how you make the labels sometime...


Wow! Aren't those cute! Will you tell us how you made them? Love the diaper bag and flannel blanket!

Lovely Living

What a great label.


I love the pink and brown baby things! The labels turned out great too. I made some too, but I think I need to invest in some of that stuff that will prevent fraying (name?).
Thanks for sharing!


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Hi Penny, thanks for the offer,(i will pay all costs), im wanting to make a blanket, granny squares or ripple not sure which yet, you know me pinks and some white.Spent the day on the beach today, i am away for a few days right now so will email you when i get back (wed). Hope you had a fab time away!
Sarah x


Me alegro mucho de encontrar esta pagina. Los labels son una buena idea. I'm very happy to find this place. It's great.

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