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16 August 2008


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This is stunning. Congrats on your first quilt!


Surely this can't be a first ever quilt - it's wonderful! You did a great job Penny - trust me that it's way better than my first quilt was. blessings, marlene


oh how i love crinkley finished quilts. the polka dot binding is great and the fruit backing is so fun! great quilt- especially for a first quilt!


Wonderful! Great job for a "first" quilt. I love the polka dot binding too.


Adorable! I love the color scheme - so pretty and peaceful and comforting. Like a bowl of fruit salad! great name!


Pretty! I like it.
Seriously, first quilt?


I do even like how you named the quilt! Is gorgeous and sooooo sweet!!!!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

First quilt?! It looks great! I hope that you are keeping it. :)


Oh Penny,
what a wonderful quilt. You did a beautiful job, I love the little extra touch! I really love the name most of all! It is just beautiful.


Penny its fab fab fab !! i wish my first quilt looked like that, you make everything you make so good! Love the little car you added.
Sarah x


yayyy for making your 1st quilt.
i LOVE it.

yayyy for fruit salad.


This is so pretty :) I LOVE fabrics with fruit and berries. Very cute little truck on the quilting - you're so creative :)


I love this quilt--it is so beautiful! It feels just wonderful to finish a quilt, doesn't it! That is pretty impressive for a first quilt-I can't wait to see what you are making next!


I love that idea of fruit salad, and the backing is perfect! The quilt looks great, what a great accomplishment....


Good for you. Its always a good feeling to finish a quilt. It is really cute and the quilting is great! Well done.


Really? It's your first quilt??? Awesome! And I love those little cars -- too cute!


What a lovely 1st quilt. You should be really proud of yourself!


Fantastic quilt - love all of the fabrics I can see!


Love the name of your quilt, congratulations on your first quilt, I'm sure it won't be your last.


Wow, you did a great job, Penny! And I love that the name stuck. But mostly I'm jealous that your first quilt came out so well. Seriously jealous.

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