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07 August 2008


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thanks...i was wondering about that. i made my first page of them. i'm so excited to use them now. thanks so much for the inspiration!


thanks for the additional info on the labels. i was actually going to email you and ask about how they washed up. i almost bought some at joanns but wanted to ask you first about that. i'm gonna have to get some. this is really cool stuff.

Anna M.

Thanks for the update. I think they look perfect, even after a wash. The edges fraying a bit doesn't bother me, but who knows I may try the fray-check to see how that does. I am expecting my fabric sheets to come in the mail any day now. Yay!! =)

Anna M.

Hi Penny,
My fabric sheets came in the mail today. I can hardly wait to start printing out my own labels. Thanks again for the great tutorial! =)


Thanks for the laundering info. I think they survived beautifully!

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