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14 August 2008


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Was wondering were you have been! Hope you are enjoying your visit....beautiful scarf bye the way...that orange is GREAT. :)


oh i LOVE the scarf.
and really, it could pass for fall. {see the new fall girls line at the children's place...these great colors!!!}

thanks for sharing the great 'new to me' blogs.
{and thanks for putting me up there too!!!}

i LOVE being a blog hopper.


That scarf is beautiful! I think the flowers are the perfect touch. And the orange is so cheery. Perfect on a cold day (against a black or brown outfit!).

What kind of yarn did you use?

I need to join bloghoppers anonymous - is there a blog for that?


the scarf is gorgeous! i am stunned that you finished it in two hours. wow!


That scarf is gorgeous. Do you have the information on the pattern? I love the flowers at the bottom.


Beautiful scarf, love the crochet flowers. I've become addicted to crocheting flowers recently but don't know what I'm going to do with them yet!
Thanks for putting me on your 'new to me blog' list. I've just looked at the others as I love to blog hop too!


Two hours you say.... Penny you are fantastic! cant wait to start mine.Im going to check out the new blogs now.
Sarah x

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Your scarf is great! I love that you put it on the pink shirt - one of my favorite color combos lately. . . even though I have made anything with orange - lol. Have a good weekend & thanks for the links :)


i'm glad we connected. fabulous scarf! you definitely are multi talented. have a great weekend.


Your crochet skills blow me away! So gorgeous. I'm jealous as I have NO skills in that department yet. Great job!!!


your scarf is soooo beautiful the colours are great and I love the flowers on it! thank you for the link on this post too!!!!



Love the scarf!! Yours came out just beautiful. Wasn't that fun? Love your addition of the flowers, that just makes it FAB!
Love the links, I agreee, it is so fun to blog hop! There are many creative and wonderful people we have yet to meet!


First, let me how beautiful that scarf is. I have got to get that pattern. I love your color, and the flowers add a great, great touch. Second, let me thank you so much for listing my blog!! I really had to laugh at your description, though, b/c life around here has been anything but peaceful :) Good, but not particularly peaceful. Thanks again, As always, I love your blog, and you motivate me to sew again, which my mom would never believe. :)


Beautiful! Love the colours too. Such a delicate design.


What a beautiful scarf and inspiring blog. I happened upon you through whip up and will check back often! :)


Hey! Amazing work..I love the added touch..flowers! I so wanna make this as a present for my mom..can you please post the pattern for those flowers?? I would really appreciate your response..

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