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29 August 2008


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Those are too cute. What is the difference b/t a regular yo-yo and your flower ones? Is it just in how it is folded? (Remember, I am not a sewer!) :)Thinking of maybe making this for my neice, she would love it!!


SUPR cute.


i meant to type:

SUPER cute.


how cool are they? Thanks so much for the cute tute!!!


Love it! You are so patient when it comes to those things. My flowers would have been all over the place! :)


That is so cute, a great ways to use fabric scraps!


I've seen that yo yo maker but didn't know they were this cute! I love them. they'd be great embellishments.


Very cute Penny -- what a fun idea!


That is so cute and easy. I've been going to get out my yoyo maker and make some but it seems to not happen. One day I will...hopefully. I have good intentions though.


I've never made yo-yos - I may have to add it to my to-do list. Which is increasing in length with each crafty blog post I read!


Super cute can do this watching tv,You won't believe this but i just cut out a bunch of ya-yos to make something with them now i know what to make.Thank you so much for the idea my friend!
hugs ginger

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Penny!!!! I love this idea! I have the maker already - I just have to get busy! Thanks for the great idea :)


so cute and looks like fun. Great idea for all those scraps...


You let me go on about yoyos and low and behold you've already been at it. Lovely!


It was so nice meeting you. I love this coaster tutorial. Very unique! Thanks again for sharing it at "Make & Tell Monday". Feel free to jump in with another tutorial next week!


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you have an incredible ability for knitting !! thanks for share it with us !!

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