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21 September 2008


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Just Susan

How did you know I had a baby shower this weekend? Thanks for this. ~Susan


I love this! I use those diapers for burp cloths too - but I just sew a bit of ribbon on one end and baby ric rac on the other - cute, but not as cute as these! I love the flannel you used to cover one whole side! So clever. And I like that your embroidery is petite and simple. I received some that I love, but the embroidery on them was so big that it interfered with the function of the cloth - not enough absorption.

Very cute.


I wish I had an embroidery machine, your burp cloth is adorable! no one in my city sells those kinds of burp clothes so I don't get to make them


Those are the cutest burp cloths I've ever seen!!


What a beautiful blog you have! I'll need this tutorial very soon since my sister just announced her pregnancy. I love to sew and cross stitch, too.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving such kind words. It made my day!

Tiff@Three Peas

Thanks for posting this tutorial. I needed some inspiration for a couple of gifts for my sister in law.

I am learning to machine embroider. I love it but it can be frustrating at times when your are a novice like me!


Oh Penny -- you'll soon be addicted! Machine embroidery is awesome. That burp cloth is too!!!


That's so cute! I wish I could machine embroider with my machine, I'd be putting cupcakes everywhere.


I love this! Super cute!!


Oohhh...very nice! I like that they are so small...great detail! :)


Hi Penny.. thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad you liked the charts.

I do not even have children but I think these are just adorable and they look so snuggly and soft...and they have such nice detail too.. oh and I love the embroidery on them!


That is so sweet and snuggly. I envy your embroidery machine! You're going to make some baby very happy!

Anna M.

What a cute burp cloth Penny and thanks for the tutorial! I've have been thinking about getting a new sewing machine that also does embroidery and your project really, really makes me want to get one now! =)


this is sooo pretty Penny, love it! I have put a photo on my blog just for you!!!


Penny, that is so cute! I just love the flannel that you used, the embroidery is perfect, my favorite thing is the binding. That just seals the deal!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

That's darling! I love that flannel with the pintucks - sooo cute!


too cute.. I applique on my burp clothes, and I use the diapers as wll, I think they are just better for the job, I figure that if they can absorb all that pee and poop then they surly can handle some spit up... great tutorial


i love the idea of flannel on one side and the binding makes it look so nice and finished. great idea!


Penny - well done. I have no need for burp cloths today. But who knows what tomorrow brings. And I think if you're going to do something do it pretty like this!


These are great!


These are great!


These are great!


Wow - so simple, but beautiful! Who would want to put those on a shoulder? I love the embroidery. I'd like to advance my sewing skills to justify a nice emb machine for next Christmas.

I have a neighbor who just had their first baby. these would be fantastic - thanks for the link to the binding - totally forgot about that!



Wow - so simple, but beautiful! Who would want to put those on a shoulder? I love the embroidery. I'd like to advance my sewing skills to justify a nice emb machine for next Christmas.

I have a neighbor who just had their first baby. these would be fantastic - thanks for the link to the binding - totally forgot about that!



These are just beautiful. I'm in the UK and we don't have anything like this! Where do I get that gorgeous flannel?

Heather Busher

Would you mind describing the brand and type of diaper this is. I just recently did a project with cloth diapers and used the prefolded Gerber... but they have gauze material instead of this soft cotton. Where do I find these?


Have to go look for some cupcakes so I can applique them on...you see my daughter is giving birth in Feb. and see calls her soon to be son...CUPCAKE..LOL


Love this tutorial! Simply lovely; did you make this bias tape yourself? if not, would you please share the source? It is so pretty!


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