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09 September 2008


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This is possibly my second comment---my first one disappeared!

I LOVE everything you posted today! And I am writing down the pattern number for the shirt because it is SO CUTE!


Well your hubby is right, it is cute!!! Wow! I love the bag and blouse too! You are so talented.


Awesome sewing Ms. Penny! I especially love your new blouse!


Hi Penny!
Everything looks great! I love what you did to the shirt. That looks so pretty! I love the nightie and the bag. Great job as always!


I like that blouse too! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you like having a dress form. I think I would like sewing clothes better if I had something like that to work with. Things probably fit better huh. ..


Hi Penny, your so clever, love everything you have made!
Sarah x


Wow, it all looks great!! I love the wrap blouse. How pretty!! I love the way you can reinvent something. It would have ended up in my scrap pile. :)


Penny - just love you Blog! Have from the day I found it. You really give me a new approach to sewing! Reading your blog has inspired me to rethink making my own clothes, especially when I read posts like this one. I love that you aren't afraid to take a mistake and turn it into a fab - nightie or other wonderful piece. Thanks for all the inspiration you give those of us who sew.


Love the bag. That's pretty good thinkin to rescue something you made, but didn't like into something you'll love. Cute nightie and blouse.


you are one seriously talented seamstress. that bag is pretty fabulous!

Anna M.

I love the blouse...and the bag...and the ruffle you added! I've always wanted to sew my own clothes - I've even bought some patterns - but never thought I could do it. Thanks for the inspiration! =)


That blouse is fabulous!


everything is so beautiful! I LOVE the top, it looks soooo professionally made!


They are all fabulous...but I LOVE the wrap around you made. You make everything very polished! Love them!


You do such lovely work Penny.


I'm so jealous of your creativity and productivity these days! Everything you made is great!

Dana Summers

I love the first shirt, you did an amazing job.

Tiff@Three Peas

WOW! Love them all. I especially like that fabric from your bag!


You love to sew - it shows!


How do you spell out the sound for a whistle? You hot and spicy thang!! You've got a major fan club here! U R AMAZING!!


great bag! Do you just sew through the leather with your machine? Where do you buy leather by the yard? Thanks.

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