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26 September 2008


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Good for you for trying, though! I've never had the guts. I think yours turned out great :)


well, they turned out better looking than any cookies I have ever made!!! Did they taste good? If they were gone in quickly then I guess that's all that matters in the end, eh?

Anna M.

I find the sugar cookie to be the 'slowest' of all the cookie varieties...but some of the tastiest! Your's look lovely and delicious...and if you happen to feel inclined to share the recipe...that would be great. =)


I have to admit as big a foodie as I am, with a huge weakness for sweets, I loath making the sugar cookie. It takes a lot of time and I don't find them all special. I much prefer a good chocolate chip, or my favorite is a butterscotch oatmeal - YUM!

I can say I used to spend about that much time every year for several years making them for my dad. He loved them...go figure. Your's are beautiful and much better done than any I ever made.

Jordana Castro

Hola penny! I Love the new look of your blog!!



Sew you are braver than I.. these turned out great!


They look great, and NO you are not a slow poke, it seems to take FOREVER.... when ever I get into my "MARTHA" mode and think that I need to make something "homemade" , about 2 hours into it I start questioning myself "WHY,WHY, WHY"?


They are beautiful! Recipe???


Those are gorgeous! I love that color blue! They do look too good to eat. I don't do sugar cookies, they are notorious in my book for taking a long time. I like snickerdoodles. Sort of like a sugar cookie in sweats.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I think they take that much time and therefore: I do not make them! :) lol

I just don't have the patience that they seem to require. . . any my kids would much rather choco chip!


They came out great! 3 hrs. does seem like a lot of time, but now you know you can do it. Spend 3 hrs. on sewing instead...! :)


I think they came out adorable and I love the frosting color!


Wow! I think they came out great! I'm with you though -- they just take so long to decorate and then they just disappear!!!


They are beautiful! I know what you mean. Decorating cookies really does take time. Why can't they invent a really quick squeeze squirter???!!!


I love making cookies...it is a weakness of mine. But I HATE making sugar cookies. The rolling, the cutting, the rerolling. Ugh. I thought I wanted to make cookies with my new leaf cookie cutter that I bought because my mind told me I loved making cookies until I remembered the cutting out!!! When I do make them, I use the ziploc bag and that's about as professional as they get. Your cookies certainly look yummy, though!


Those are some beautiful cookies! Bet they tasted good too.


They look fantastic!! I bet they tasted delicious. I have never been successful with sugar cookies AND they have always taken forever to make! Good job!

San of the4Rs

Beautiful to look at and eat, I make them several times a year, but make sure to gift someone with them, to get the full benefit from all the work! Freeze a few to enjoy another day too, you will appreciate them even more! The memories you are making with kids counts the most!


I love sugar cookies but they take so much time it just isn't worth it. Yours look wonderful. You did a great job decorating.


but they are so pretty! i'll bet they tasted great. i have this small sugar cookie addiction.


they are so pretty! bet they tasted great too. (i have a small sugar cookie addiction!)


It's not just you...they do take a lot of time, but yours came out very nice! They can be a bit temperamental as well. Very nice!


It's not just you...they do take a lot of time, but yours came out very nice! They can be a bit temperamental as well. Very nice!


They look lovely to me but 3 hours seems a long time lol. In my house they'd probably be gone in 3 minutes.

Tiff@Three Peas

THose are really pretty. I can imagine how long it took you to do all that. How many did you make??


I love sugar cookies but man they can shoot a whole day away.


HI Penny,
they do look worth it though, yummy!
Sarah x


WOW! Those look amazing. And now I want sugar cookies!!! Painfully!


Your cookies are beautiful. I love making cutout cookies with my kids. It is a lot of work, but nothing beats the conversations you can have, sitting around the table painting cookies. We use paint brushes--thin down the frosting a bit--and decorating is pretty easy. Now that they are older, they've been experimenting with piping, too. Our cookies are such works of art that some never get eaten. (Imagine!) No one wants to touch the best-looking ones so they sit out until there's nothing to do but pitch them. Not before taking photos, of course.

jessica Levitt

Very cute. They came out quite nice n my opinion. But, yes, they really take that long. I love doing them, but the setup especially is a killer. So I do them about once or twice a year. I have trouble limiting my colors like you did so I end up taking forever just to mix all the different icings. Ugh. I have to make it a 2 or 3 day process at this point...

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