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06 October 2008


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Well, how clever are you! It's adorable. I must try this, although, I have to admit, I'm a bit afraid of my serger, too.


This is a great idea! Thanks for putting the tutorial together!


that is so cute!


Oh how lovely, they look like they would cost a lot of money if you were to buy them so well worth making. I will have to buy some suitable fabric and give it a go. It'll have to be on my sewing machine though, no Serger here!


Fabulous! What a great way to make a last-minute gift really special. I'll be linking to this.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Really cute!


What an awesome tutorial right before the holidays start - thanks!


Fantastic idea - it looks gorgeous!


Sew.. I just saw this on OnePrettyThing.. and I LOVE IT! I do not have a serger..too spooky. You talk about sewing through pins.. I am pretty sure I would sew through an arm if I had one of those bad boys. hehe.

Thanks for sharing!


Very cool Penny! Thanks for sharing -- I LOVE my serger -- almost all of the sewing I do with it is done with the same ol' stitch so I rarely have to drag the manual out to try something new!


They're so pretty! I'm not comfortable with my serger either, but I'd really like to try this.


What a great project - it will my first one on my brand new Juki MO-734DE - which isn't even out of the box yet! Thanks so much!


What a clever idea and wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing!


that is great... I have ideas like that, the kind that won't leave your mind and then you just have to do it ASAP.... this one is going on my to do list...

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

That turned out great! And your tutorial was very informative. I don't have a serger, but I might try that on a regular machine..Thanks!


Hi Penny, those bags are lovely!!I am loving all the things you have been making with your machine!!
Sarah x


You have great tutorials and you make beautiful things.. Love your blog!


This is great. I just bought a serger, and this will probably be my first project. If it works well, I'll make some for my mom too. We're so cheap! We love reusable packages. Christmas morning, you'll always hear, "save the bag!"


Exquisite little bag! Thank you for sharing your tutorial.


Again, what can I say. You are so gifted! U AMAZE ME! So humbled and thankful to be your friend!


really nice. I would like to start to sew, and this idea is a nice start.
please come and visit my blog and let me know what you think


This idea is terrific ! I have an old pair of embroidered curtains in a drawer that I thought I would use again, but my tastes changed. What a great way to "repurpose" !! Thank you for your "dreamy" idea !!!


I came across your site and love the tutorial very much. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

girl @ Silk Wedding Bouquets

This is an easy to follow tutorials for such a pretty gift bag.

Florist Sydney

What a lovely project you have here, I love the finish product. It's unbelievable how easy the tutorial, glad to have this here. Thanks a lot.

Boot camp

Wow this tutorial is very easy to follow, even if I am not so fast to do it in 5 minute, my first bag came out pretty good! now its time to try some other tutorial of yours!

מרפאת שיניים בראשון לציון

Wow.. It's beautiful. I never see such gift bag. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I will try out for this.

gift baskets

it will my first one on my brand new Juki MO-734DE - which isn't even out of the box yet! Thanks so much!

Baby gift baskets

I came across your site and love the tutorial very much. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

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