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19 October 2008


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It is so adorable and soft looking.


Penny you are soooo clever, love it, and love the pink in there too.
Sarah x


flannel is great, isn't it. so cozy...especially for little ones.


how beautiful! and the backing looks ultra soft.


Your quilt looks great! You are good at those...cute story as well! :)

Tiff@Three Peas

Love the Plaid binding! so cute!


The plaid binding is so cute! I love the combo of fabrics you used! What a great way to use up some of your scrap pile!


Lovly scrapiness.


Penny this is sooooo pretty, just love it!!!


Very pretty! The flannel sounds so soft. I need to make one of these for me to snuggle under on the couch while I read!


I like that story - I'm feeling like I have few words lately too. I've been doing a lot with my mom here and haven't been as bloggy as usual. I also have a tendency to wonder if everyone really wants to here about the minutae of my projects and stuff. . .

Amy @ parkcitygirl

It looks great Penny! That was my only concern when I started blogging - "will I run out of stuff to say?" I love your pictures :)


Just lovely! It is precious :)
Funny I have felt the same way. I guess it is just ebb and flow?

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