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13 October 2008


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Anna M.

Oh my...what a cute little bowl! I need to make one for myself...hopefully I'll have time this evening. Thanks for all of the fun links! =)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Love your bowl! I will have to try one :)


I love that bowl too! I saw it and I too immediately had to make one!


Hi, Penny! We have a house in Redstone Estates up the Rist Canyon in Bellvue, but we live full time right now down in Brighton, which is close to Denver. We are working on moving to Bellvue so we can be closer to Ft. Collins. Did you know Ft. Collins was named the #1 place in the country for good living?


Very cute! And thanks for commenting on my last post -- I tried to respond to you yesterday and again today, but for some reason the e-mails are bouncing back to me.


Your right...she is on it! That flower bowl is great..who would have thought! What are u gonna use it for? Maybe jewelry??

Anyway, glad to hear u had a good weekend!


Adorable and fun blog! Thanks for the link. I'm totally chuckling tho. Tags, and Tards! ;o) LOL. ooxx`jodi


Penny you are right on top of things, I saw her buttons on Craftstylish too, and immediately entered her contest. Neat stuff, lots of good ideas on that site. Hey, can you include me on your list of blogs, that is if you like it??? San at http://The4RsRamblings.blogspot.com

jacoline (lien)

It looks great, I like to give it a go as well. Thanks


oh my. More to add to my to-do list! yikes! SO cute.


O.K. so Penny may not be, but Jodi is! LOL.
Tards will forever hold new meaning to me.


that's cute and sweet!! I like it!


Oh I love the bowl and such a simple tutorial thanks.
Yvonne x


That is so cute! I just found your blog. Really enjoying it! Thanks!

Pecos Blue

Okay. I will check them out.

Tiff@Three Peas

I have seen those around. I have been wanting to attempt to make one! From what i have read it sounds easy enough!

Didi from France

I just love it !

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