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05 October 2008


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wow! interesting! I would like to try it.


That sounds great! We used to eat something like this in France. They would just cook rice in milk and add vanilla. Delish! Especially in a tart shell.....


That sounds delicious! I've never had kheer...must try it. Thanks for the recipe!


This does look very good. We love rice pudding at our house, so I'll have to try this.


It looks great Penny and easy. I've never eaten it before but I'm not fond of Rice pudding. My daughter likes it though so maybe I'll make it and then try it.


I LOVE kheer, but kheer does not like me (i'm allergic to dairy - boo, hiss). But you are right - everyone should try it, it's GORGEOUS and YUM!


Drooling right now! I don't know what I was thinking as a kid not liking rice pudding. Now I think rice pudding is my second most favorite dessert (only beat by ice cream!) The almonds are what really make this dish. Next time you make regular rice pudding, cook your rice in coconut milk. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Anna M.

I have never had Kheer, but it sounds delicious! Think I'll give it a try...thanks for sharing! =)


Never heard of it...might just have to try! :)


oh my goodness...are you sure we're not related. rice pudding is my all time favorite. i only make it once a year...it's a christmas eve tradition in our family. i've never heard of Kheer, but this recipe looks divine! my hubby is out of town till sat...maybe i'll indulge myself with this.


Wow, thanks for this. I love kheer but never thought to make it at home. I just happen to have a can of condensed mik in the cupboard too, so guess what we are having for pudding tonight :)

Fuji Mama

I love kheer but have never made it! I think it's time to remedy that, this recipe looks delicious!

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