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03 October 2008


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San of the4Rs

I love the apron pattern, was it a commercial one? I am shopping for a sewing machine, do you like your Bernina? I need to blog this weekend, contest winners will be announced on the 5th...



Okay - when I first saw your post I read "Mammogramming is king" and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, this all made sense to me. I did a double take, though, when you said "I have found out that I love mammogramming", certain you must be crazy!

Oh, MONOgramming. That makes more sense. Have fun with it!!


I'm addicted to aprons I think and this one is cute, cute! Love the embroidery too. I do some machine embroidery but not much. I just don't have enough time in my day - wish I could have 36 hours days instead of 24! blessings, marlene


such cute things! you are a kind and generous soul.


Bernina and their .art format. Try Embroidery Library - they have TONS (and I do mean tons) of cute designs. Urban Threads is a new site that has many "current" looking designs - LOVE them. Both sites are reasonably priced. I love all of your stuff, it is very cute.


Thanks again, Penny! Your photos look great! I need to get someone to take a picture of my wearing it. It really is adorable and I had hardly noticed the piping. I've only used it once - it's a little tricky on the match up part.

Which Bernina do you have? I have the basic model - nothing fancy, it's on loan from my mom. But after seeing the monogramming I decided when I get my own machine that would be a fun thing to have on it.

I hope you get your package tomorrow. I'm sorry I didn't get it in the mail sooner.


and yes, I agree, you are a kind and generous soul.


this couldn't be cuter, it's all so sweetly pink and girly, great job penny. That apron is cute enough to be a skirt!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

There you are! Your monograms look great :) I don't have an embroidery machine - I didn't want to add to my list of to-do's! lol I've toyed with the idea of making piping, I have the foot and all, but haven't done it yet. There's always tomorrow :) I think the piping on the apron is great, shows off all the little details you might miss if it wasn't there.


Wow such a nice swap. Your apron is so cute. I love the monogramming. I wish my machine did that. I really need to invest in a new one.


What a pretty apron! You have certainly been busy. I really neeeeed an embroidery machine (well I really wannnnt one anyway!). I get embroidery envy every time I see a post like this.


WooHoo! Love your machine embroidery -- it all looks so fun. Love your apron -- it's adorable!


Thanks so much for this post! When I got a new sewing machine, I made SURE it was a bernina because they have the best machine embroidery designs for their machines! Thanks again!

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