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22 November 2008


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this looks scrumptious! i love asparagus, but it was 6.00 a bunch the other day...yikes!


OH! I love asparagus. And Goat cheese. AND cooking magazines!! My mom's old BHG cookbook has the best peanut butter cookie recipe. I have such fond memories of those cookies as a kid.


Penny I love asparagus and goat cheese. Two of my favorite foods. I've got so many Fine Cooking mags too. I think we've talked about this before. I really need to go through them, but I hate to get rid of them. I've got way too many magazines around here.

tepee (tp)

I used to collect cooking magazines, too. Now I use the computer and save the good ones. I miss looking through the pages, enjoying the photos, but I really don't have the space. I do collect cookbooks. And now I collect knitting books. And yarn, and needles, and knitting patterns filed on the computer and in notebooks. Life is fun.


Looks SO good! I love cooking mags too, cuisine is my favorite. I have most my recipes on the computer on my ical so I never have to think, what should I make tonight? Lot's of ideas at my fingertips.
Funny- my 4 year old told me to get asparagus last time we were at the store. I bet they'd like this too!
I don't want to even admit to how many magazine subscriptions I have.


Oh, yum I love asparagus and goats cheese. I have the same problem I can never find recipes that I need.
Yvonne x

Amy @ parkcitygirl

That sounds like a big hullabaloo for a beautiful meal :) Never enough cooking mag's - that's my motto!


That looks delicious! We are just at the end of the asparagus here - might have to try it.

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