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25 November 2008


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Your quilt and blanket are so gorgeous! Well done!


oh Penny these are both soooo beautiful!


Isn't it great to get your craftin' groove back on? I love that quilt and the quilted circles. My goal for next year is getting better at free motion quilting.


Ok...I love the free motion circle idea! Your quilt looks great. How did you get the circles so....well, you know round. Mine would have looked like ovals for sure! :)

Have a great holiday..I am sure you are cooking something yummy.


The free-motion circles are perfect! I love it!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Penny! I love what you've been up too! Your quilt is beautiful - love the quilting, and the fabrics you selected :) And the blanket for a new baby is precious! Both treasures will be well loved - have a great day :)


Makes me want to snuggle up and have a nap. I am so often drawn to the backside of quilts. I know the front is where most of the work went but there is just something comforting about the simple back. This one, by adding just the simplest row on the back really is so appealing. Love the circles!


WOW pENNY THEY ARE LOVELY, i love the red gingham edging, they are gonna love it!!
Sarah xx

Tiff@Three Peas

As always i love everything. THe quilt is amazing! And the recieving blanket what a beauty! Thanks for the link for the tutorial. I can't wait to try that on a blanket for my neice.


I love your quilt and the receiving blanket. Your friends are very lucky to receive these special gifts. Happy Thanksgiving!-


Just beautiful Penny!


Hey Penny,
Just beautiful as always!!! You do such lovely work!! Love the crocheted edging!! So sweet. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Love all of these! Especially that quilt! It looks like a blanket full of lovely sherbet! I know what you mean about the pendulum. I feel that way too. Often.


Penny, sooo beautiful! Your in-laws are so lucky!

Great pattern


The quilt is very pretty. The colors remind me of sunlight bouncing through a window on a snowy day.

Anna M.

Your quilt turned out lovely...what a generous gift! =)


these are both beautiful. i love the edge on the blanket. so sweet! so, how in the world did you do those GREAT circles?


Just saw the quilt......gorgeous! Here, a quilt in these winter months consists of an extra sheet ...around 4:00 in the morning it gets down to .....????? maybe 63 degrees...burrrr. But I am now quilting potholders....ah la Penny.
Still enjoying my gifts from you.

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