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09 November 2008


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tepee (tp)

Thanks, Penny. I usually do some baking for Christmas gifts. These tags will be really nice.


thanks so much penny. i'm definitely using these! have a great week. i need to learn photoshop.


These are so great! You are doing some awesome stuff here. Can't wait to use them!

I've been a little out of the blogging groove too. But, I took a 3 hour nap today and am feeling quite refreshed!


Penny you should be designing fabric! I love these.


Thanks for the tags! They are excellent as always, and I LOVE the new look you have going on here! I am sure that is an original picture of yours!


They are lovely, thanks so much! :)


You are amazing!! Thanks for the gift tags!! I will be using these for Christmas, as I always make something homemade for our neighbors. The tags are so cute!! Hope you had a good little break. Missed you, but then I haven't been blogging as much. BTW, love your new header too!!

jacoline (lien)

What a great present again. Thanks a lot!!!


SO cute! Thanks for the gift tags!


love these...and the blog looks beautiful!

kathy in colorado

I commented on this yesterday and I must have hit the wrong button. I love these! I have something for you on my site.


Thank you for the tags, they are so cute. I have been a lurker (hate that word), but just wanted to finally say hi and i like your blog very much :) Love the new banner!


SUPER cute penny!!!
<3 the new christmas look!!!


Thank you so much! I'm planning to bring homemade cookies and chocolate bark to parties as host gifts. I'll use those tags for my english side of family as for the french part I'll try to make my own. If only I was as good as you with all the programs as Photoshop, flickr and all maybe my blog would be a little better....

Tiff@Three Peas

Thanks so much for this! I had a jar of chicken noodle soup made up for my sister in law. Now I have a pretty tag to go on it!


Oh Penny! You are getting so good! Look at you! These are perfect! HUGS back!


HI Penny, love the tags you have made and its so nice of you to share them with us.
Loving your new look too!!
Sarah x


Oh fabulous! Very pretty design.


wow Penny your gift tags are AWESOME! so gorgeous and soooo lovely of you to share, thank you!!!!

Jan Walmsley

Just found your lovely blog this morning! I love it. I tried to download the from the kitchen of" tags, but could not )-: I shut down my computer twice, but still wouldn't download...anyone else having this problem? Happy Thanksgiving!

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