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07 December 2008


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Diane ( Crafty Passions)

My Grandmother use to call her favorite tea pot Cordilia and I would be happy if you adopted it for your Espresso Machine

Mother Hen

Miss Ima Jitters

Katie | Runaway October

She just screams sleek and sassy. French. Something like Colette or Genevieve.


I am going with Matilda. Just because I like it!

How fun to be able to make great coffee anytime. Enjoy your new toy!


Congrats...and what a great giveaway. How about Mel? I don't know...it's short and sweet!


oh how fun!!!

let's see...how about...
ada {pronounced aid-a}

she's your "aid-a" to waking up. {or staying awake.}

PLUS ada was my grandmomma's name.

Fuji Mama

How about Miette or Amelie?

Jody Blue

Ooo! She's pretty. Josy is a good name like a cup of Joe but feminine.
Lefse isn't like Spaetzle. Lefse is made with potatoes mashed with cream and butter, then mixed with flour, rolled very thin and fried on a lefse griddle. We then butter, sugar, roll and heat. MMMMM. Manna from heaven! Thanks for visiting!


Hmmm... I was thinking maybe Zippy or Java Jane... But perhaps Sweet Caroline would work too :) I must say I am a bit envious! I wish I had a machine such as that one in my kitchen to feed my caffeine addiction!


Blanche keeps coming to mind...


It couldn't be anything else but Gladys. I can imagine stopping for a coffee on the highway before all these modern franchise petrol/coffee/etc places took over and Gladys in a red apron serving her coffee with the hiss and roar of the coffee machine - or that just might be a tad too nostalgic. LOL


Serena? I'm sure it was the name of one of the chracters on Battlestar galatica.. er only becase that goes with Starbuck.. as in the coffee... I'm odd I know.. then again we have a cat named Starbuck.. for the x-files reference and for battlestar and the coffee too... I like meaning in things..

Mara ? its one of my favourite names.. I used it for a character in a story once.. Mara means bitter so would go with an espresso machine very well..

*slinks away before embrassing myself any more*


Oh I would name it some silly like Exspewso...


Hyperbole just a word I think has a funny sound to it, of course hyper for the caffeine... wish I could drink espresso, my reflux would kill me if I did!


oooh, she's slick and fabulous. i'm so bad at naming, but i'll give it a shot any how. ....do you remember the tv show Hazel? Hazel was the family maid, helped Mr. B start his day with a piping hot cup of coffee, some sage advice and a goofy smile. I think she looks like a Hazel, cute, dependable, and friendly and always there for you when you need her.


What about Miguelina? :)


Diane mentioned Cordilia, which was my late Grandmother's name. This got me thinking about that side of my family and all of their unique names. It just so happens that Cordilia named one of her daughters Wilma Jo. SO, my vote for your new friend is Wilma Jo.

But if we can vote twice:
Wilma's sister, who is my mother, is Dinah. Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah:)

Good luck with your search!


Night breaker, lol...
When I drink too much coffee I can't sleep, and this machine looks like it will invite you so many times to drink and drink coffee, lol...
Oh, and the bottles near the machine are syrups???


How 'bout Miss Roxy because she's obviously rockin' the coffee fix. LindaSonia


Anton. Can't you just see him (white shirt, black pants and apron, cloth napkin draped over his forearm)a proper gentleman taking care of your espresso needs.
Other family members might just call it:
Mr. Noisy.
Have fun.


we have a thing in our family for calling things by what they are: our dog is DOG, we had a cat with what looked like a monkey's behind so he was MONKEYBUTT, so why not, CAFETERA? Spanish for coffee maker.

Carla Finley

Lucky you!! I would venture to say Caffrena. Named after Caffeine and Xena the warrior. LOL I'm no good at thinking up names.


Her name should be Esme. You know, it goes with the whole 'es' theme...espresso...Esme....plus I'm channelling the character from the Twilight movie/books:) Have fun with her, whatever name you choose!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I'm not that great at naming things either. . . I know in Italy Moka is smaller device for making stove top espresso, that could work. (we have 2!3&6-cup) or maybe Claire? I always liked that name when we were having babies, but Joe didn't like the "c" names!?! Your kitchen set is so nice! I would love to make Christmas cookies in it :)

to summarize:
Moka or Claire



She needs a name like something a punk yet rocker cool diner waitress would have...like Maxine. Maxine packs a punch, takes no nonsense from the customers, and always calls you sugar.


Oh what lovely things! Hmm name. I like names that rhyme. Gesso - not a great name but I'm not good at naming things myself!

Old Red Barn Co.

It's gotta be a her? I'd go for something like Buzz, Bubba or Brutus but I'm obviously in the minority. :)


I think she looks like Wall-e's cousin........ how about Spress-o


How about Java de Hut? Ha! Just kidding. I was thinking something like Cappuchica would be cute and sassy. Or maybe Lady Latte...or Crema.


Straight away the name Rosie comes to mind because she looks just like the robot maid in The Jetsons and her name is Rosie!!!!


by the way I am very jealous!!!


I've been racking my brain all day trying to think of something super-clever. Isn't esspresso Italian? What about Lucia? Or, Esmerelda the Espresso machine?

I love that you are naming it in the first place!
I had a VW bug that I named Lucy and I loved it.


How about Fraulein Maria? Because I'm sure she'll be singing a fine tune as she prepares your coffee - just as Julie Andrews sang in The Sound Of Music. :)


I'm not any good at this. But, I vote for Dinah. That one made me really smile at how funny it would be. How could you not enter the kitchen singing that song?????


Oh Penny, serious envy here! My machine just bit the dust and we can't decide on which kind to get next. LOVE yours! Looks like it will get the job done :)!!

I am a coffee-holic and there is just nothing better then a good cuppa... call her Flo (from that show that had Alice and Mel and Vera) because all that really matters is that you get a good hot cup each and every time! Have fun!


name her Matilda :)


I think you should call her Dolores...just 'cause. :O) I call my Kitchenaid Ophelia, because she's red and a bit prone to the dramatics. :O)


Well, you already have a number of "hot" european names, so I will suggest something different. How about Alice, as in the most wonderful Alice of "Brady Bunch" fame who always had a hot cuppa and a shoulder for Mrs. Brady to cry on when her teenagers were driving her crazy?! Hmm...now that I have two teenaged daughters, I sure would appreciate having Alice in my kitchen!! :)


Pearl~ she's classy, rugged yet polished.


"La Grande Passione" - because coffee is my major love. And I'm so envious of your gorgeous machine! ;-)

Tiff@Three Peas

All I can think of is Alice the waitress from a sitcom back in the 80's

Tiff@Three Peas

Alice, the waitress from a sitcome from the 80's can't remember the name of it.


Marilyn Espresso..I know it's kinda silly but I think it's cute anyway.


You should name it "Sassy". It's so sleek and...sassy. It looks great on your counter. I love espresso!! Enjoy yours :)


Hmm I cant help but to think of Alice..
Yes Alice is a good name..


How about Giada...sleek and Italian..just like the real thing on food network.


Penny, before I comment, I must say that I love your site. My daughters and I are thrilled to have found you!

How fun that you want to name your espresso machine! When I finally received my front-load washer and matching dryer, I named them Pride and Joy. I find laundry refreshing. Everything comes out so fragrant and warm.

In pondering a name for your machine, I first thought of Pollyanna, who teaches everyone to see circumstances through rose-colored glasses. That thought led me to Gladys, since coffee makes me "glad", but I see it's already taken. On the same vein, I thought of Rose. However, as a passionate coffee drinker, I thought a stronger name might be in order. Stella, although it means "star", seems to express that passion.

I'm not sure if there's a limit on the number of suggestions I may give, so I'll submit Stella as my final answer. Either way, I'm excited for you. I remember the joy I felt when friends pitched in to give me a coffee roaster. My coffee enthusiasm reached new heights with that gift.





She looks like a Suzie to me. Or maybe Suzette.


Since she IS an espresso machine and espresso IS Italian how about

Annalisa or Perchetta (pronounced per ket ta--all short vowels.)

Bella, bella, bella!

Thanks--this is FUN!


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