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01 December 2008


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I love the rustic, charming look of that! It's a great way to present loaf breads!


oh yum - they look fantastic!


Banana bread - my absolute favourite. Just wish I was more of a 'baker' and didn't have to buy it!


I love those baskets! So clever. I really love the quilt you made, it is beautiful. I know they will be overjoyed with that lovely quilt!


How very cute! And an inexpensive way to give baby loaves. Thanks for thinking this up. :)


How Cute! Thanks for the template and the great idea!


What a fantastic idea, I love it! I'll be linking.

Anna M.

What a great idea...I have to try it! You are so creative! I'd love your recipe for banana bread (one of my favorites) if you're willing to share! Thanks again for sharing your creativity with all of us! =)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

You are so inventive! Thanks for sharing :) I have plans to make leaf rolls - Grandma's special - this will be perfect!


I'm so glad we are friends - you are always showing me something new and cool to do! This is great!


What a super idea. Thanks for the template Penny.

Pecos Blue

Great to see how that is done.


Great idea! Thanks for the excellent how-to!


Fantastic, thanks - such a simple idea. Having just spent about £4 on some loaf tin liners, I know what to do when they run out!

Tiff@Three Peas

what a great idea!!!! Thanks for posting this. I plan on making Pumpkin bread this week.


You are so awesome!! I did find some of those loaf baskets at World Market, but I thought they were expensive. Don't really remember how much, as it was this time last year that I found them. Yours are cuter!!!


Cool! I love this idea - banana bread is the best - well pumpkin chocolate chip just might take the cake!


Parchment is my best friend in the Kitchen.
I use it for everything. The folding tutorial is great!


Hi There,
Funny, I have been experimenting with banana breads...here we have bananas growing and they come in all sizes and red as well as yellow. Just made banna/chocolate chip bread. We use the very large Matchos bananas to fry and serve with rice....yum. The fresh fruits in season are amazing here in the tropics. Especially mangos. We have our first papaya growing on our own new tree......OOOOHHHH it is so sweet.
Thanks for all your creative ideas.


I love this idea!!! I usually buy those tin loaf pans..but like you when I need them they are never in stock!


Oh wow, what a great idea! They all look so great.


I did it. It worked well. Kept my pans pretty clean and made the loafs look cute. I struggled a bit with the corners each time, but decided it was worth the trouble for the benefits.

Thanks so much.


This is a great idea! Thanks!


Love the paper idea but I'd need to go buy loaf pans first, lol. We make due with muffins around here.

Lovin your blog colors too. Have an affinity for turquoise, white and red lately.

Julie Isa

I absolutely LOVE this. I hope you don't mind if I share this and your link with my readers. It's perfect for my post. LOVE your blog!!!


Love this idea! I have a mini 4-loaf pan I'd love to use this idea with!

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