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06 February 2009


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Penny, it's so wonderful - your parents will love it! Is that blue thread in the quilting - such a nice touch - really shows off your wonderful free-hand - don't you just love that BSR - I sure do!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Penny! It's fabulous! I love the fabrics, and the quilting looks amazing from this view! Did your parents already get it? I'm sure that they will cherish it!


oh gee. i love the pale blue and orange togehter. and the quilting looks beautiful! great job!


I love the colors! It looks wonderful. I love way that you put the pinwheels together, too.


Very Nice Penny! I'm sure your parents will treasure it.


Oooh, it's so pretty Penny. I love the binding too -- it adds a spark!


It's fantastic ! I love the colors, it's so peaceful. And the quilting is totally awesome, what are you sayin girl. I love them flowers! And your take on the pinwheel's is really fun! So glad you did it and posted. Thanks! ooxx`jodi


Marvelous! Absolutely marvelous! What a treat that your parents will get a Christmas extension. :)


wow wow wow !!! Penny its FANTASTIC!!!! Your parents are gonna love it, it will have been worth the wait. The colours, the stitching everything is fab, well done you !
Sarah xx


I absolutely love your pinwheel quilt and I'm eagerly looking forward to the tutorial!


wow penny...you are cranking out GREAT work! i love whirlygiggles and yours are wonderful. definitely better late than never!


Lovely, Penny!


thanks for sharing! am getting ready to do one that is totally scrappy...hope it turns out well..

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