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14 February 2009


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Amy @ parkcitygirl

A great tute and an award!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us - I've thought that this but be attainable without the acrylic :) thanks for the award too - you are so sweet! Happy Valentines


Hi Penny! Thank you for sharing your fabulous award! I haven't done any serious quilting but I shall try your tutorial.

Hope your valentine's day was fun!


hi! thank you for sharing the tutorial! i would love to try it in my next quilt! yes, i learned to sew just 9 months ago and made 2 quilts among my other things. when you are excited about something, nothing seems impossible!!!!

Anna M.

Wow! Thanks for your sweet words, Penny! You've made my day! Also thanks for the great whilygig tutorial...you are always so wonderful to share with all the rest of us! Hope you have a great week! =)


Hi Penny - I've been slow catching up reading blogs since we've been away and what do I find here....thank you so much for passing on your award to me! What a sweet and wonderful surprise! I'm so glad to have you as a new friend! And thanks for the terrific turorial - I'll use it for sure on my Zippty Doo Dah fabric!


I love the pinwheel quilt and thank you so much for sharing the how-to. I love making quilts, and the simpler the better. I enjoy the creativity of fabric choices over design and this one looks so easy to do!

I had wandered over initially to let you know I'm having a giveaway at my blog, A Fine Feathered Nest, if you're interested.


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