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21 March 2009


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springy color! I love it

Vicki K.

They are so charming!! What are your suggestions for how to use these?? I'd like to get out of my thinking rut about how to use different items.


Um, I'm crazy jealous. AND I WANT A SERGER NOW! I love these little things. I've always loved making simple drawstring bags. And they're so useful for everything. I use a couple in my oldest daughters drawer for holding socks and underwear. It keeps the little stuff easily separate and accessible. I've also had a friend use one to keep her toys in the van. The bags are actually tied down to the base of each seat (in case of a wreck, toys don't go flying and hitting the children).

They also make great little keepers inside bigger bags - pacifiers and such.

jacoline (lien)

You are so clever!!!


Super pretty bags! I love it!


SO cute! I love those fabrics! I looked for some sheets at my goodwill last time I was there. There was nothing this cute!

I'm seriously going to get my server out and see if I can figure out how to do this.


Really! These are terrific. They have such potential. They would make great bags for washing delicates, too, with the addition of a slide lock. Nice work!

The voice of melody

Those are so cute!


Those are great! What do you use them for?


Hmmmm. I spy EIGHT cute little bags -- do I know the answer to Stacey's question LOL???


Acckkk so cute! Love those bags! I am going to need to deal with my serger one day. We just do not get along at all.. No matter what I do:(
I would use these adorable bags for all of the little fiddly things you need when your knitting, crocheting,or embroidering.
Great job!

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