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18 March 2009


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very cute! that's 2 presents the lucky girl gets.

And i'm envious of the grommets. That looks tricky...i've got to learn...


What a lovely and thoughtful gift to give! One blessed baby and momma. You rock girl.


you are one smart cookie! And what a nice reusable little bag!

I need serger lessons - why don't you come visit me!

I'm putting elephants on little tees for a baby gift right now!


The bag and the gift are adorable! Great work!


what a sweet elephant and what a perfect gift!


That is so smart of you AND environmentally friendly. I love that little elephant too. SO SO cute!


what a great idea and so cute. i love me a grommet too!


I'm almost positive I had those same yellow sheets when I was a kid... random! Nice job!


It's perfect. ;o) ooxx`jodi


Gah! You make me realize how much I need a serger! The little elephant is super cute. Was that a free pattern or one from a book? I've been stopping by to read all your post, but have been lazy with commenting. I should get back in the blogging saddle soon though!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Great idea Penny! I love how resourceful you are :) The elephant is adorable!!


How clever are you, Penny! And another way to use my serger - woo-hoooo!


Love it. LOVE it. The sweet bag, the sweet little elephant. And now I wish I had a serger.


Adorable! You have been hard at work, my friend! I love the bags. And I was nearly drooling over your napkin set. I'm on purchasing restriction, or I'd be ordering those right now!


Love the bag! So clever to recycle the sheets. I've used fabric gift bags off and on for years. Exactly the size you need, but your drawstring idea makes it much more usable. Like a second gift. Thank you for sharing!

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